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How I Stopped Using Skincare as a Coping Mechanism

Like any other coping mechanism, skincare can be a bad addiction.

by Cintya Cahyani May 1, 2019
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Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
5 Kebiasaan ‘Body Shaming’ yang Harus Kita Hentikan

Komentar ‘body shaming’ terlihat tidak berbahaya tapi bisa berdampak buruk pada korbannya, yakni menurunkan kepercayaan diri sampai depresi.

by Shafira Amalia March 29, 2019
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Perennial Problem of Body Shaming

Fairy tales is often loaded with message of body shaming.

by Dr Sonia Vashishta Oberoi January 29, 2019
The Anatomy of Blood (Menstruation Edition)

As girlhood expires, womanhood begins - a new poem.

by Ireisha Anindya September 24, 2018
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"Watch What You Wear!" My Asian Games Volunteering Experience

Her clothing choice during her off days while volunteering for Asian Games landed her in hot water. But it was the reason cited that riled her.

by Azalea Johannes September 17, 2018
Our Obsession with Flawless Skin: How Skincare Industry Sets Impossible Standard

Today the definition of healthy skin has grown more complex and demanding than ever, as the skincare industry profits off our insecurity.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari September 4, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Apa yang Sebenarnya Terjadi di Balik 'Eksotis'

Menyebut orang eksotis: mengakui keberadaan orang lain atau meliyankan?

by Ara August 21, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
The Dilemma of Wearing Shorts in Public

Women are reluctant to wear shorts or clothes that reveal a little skin fearing the potential of sexual violence, although clothes have nothing to do with a person's chance of experiencing sexual violence.

by Maisha Rachmat August 21, 2018
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Bagaimana Rias Wajah Mengubah Hidup Saya Sebagai Laki-laki

Tumbuh besar dalam keluarga Batak dengan tradisi maskulinitas yang kental, seorang laki-laki dengan ekspresi gender feminin menghadapi banyak tantangan.

by Christian Paskah Pardamean Situmorang July 16, 2018
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I Am Skinny and I Don't Believe There's Such Thing as 'Skinny Shaming'

No such thing as "skinny shaming", what you do have is "thin privilege" - a response to previous article on the issue.

by @cryingbrutally July 10, 2018