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Inheritance, The Power of Giving Alms, and Us

Inheritance is often a source of not just tension, but also conflict in the family, so our columnist plans to user her inheritance for sedekah.

by Julia Suryakusuma June 3, 2020
"Broken Home" is Obsolete, Here is the Alternative

Changing the term may bring a tremendous shift of mindset, giving more control of your own life while allowing you to be vulnerable.

by Larasati May 12, 2020
Family Pride: No Graduation Picture, But Yes to Wedding Pictures

Her academic accomplishment is a source of pride and joy for this tsunami survivor, but the lack of her presence among the framed pictures in her parents living room tells a different story.

by Mirisa Hasfaria May 6, 2020
Fear of Being a Housewife

Would people be as supportive of her decision to quit her job to join her husband abroad, if she were a man who chose being unemployed to be with his wife?

by Askarina Bintari March 17, 2020
Parenting Yourself When Your Own Parents Don’t

In the absence of her biological parents, she grew to become her own.

by Intan Kurniati Ningsih September 5, 2019
Rethinking the Semantics (and Other Things) of Divorced Parenthood

Some of the terms associated with and remarks made to divorced families show our society’s perception and treatment of non-traditional forms of family

by Dianthus Saputra September 3, 2019
How Being Raised by a Single Mother Has Shaped Me

I believe that fathers may be responsible for what their daughters learn to expect from relationships

by Razita Inayah August 23, 2019
My Patriarchal Extended Family and Why I Dread Spending Holidays with Them

Even as a little girl, she knew something was off when she saw women spending most of their time in the kitchen to serve the men in the family.

by Shafira Amalia April 10, 2019
How My Husband and I Choose the Contraception for Us

It’s a good practice to have a frank discussion with your partner on what contraception most suits your plans as a family.

by Kemala Pratiwi March 22, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Antara Aurat, Agama, dan Hubungan Darah

Ketika hubungan sedarah menjadi retak karena perbedaan pendapat soal agama dibungkam.

by Eliza Vitri Handayani December 14, 2018