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AJI Awards Indonesian Journalists for Remaining Independent in Political Years

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for journalists to remain independent, the organization said.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari September 10, 2018
Involving Men in Ending Violence Against Women

Stopping violence against women must involve men and changing the perception of manhood and masculinity, says one of our favorite feminists Michael Kaufman.

by Hera Diani November 25, 2014
Kill the DJ, the Farming Rapper

This rapper created a song that became a popular soundtrack to the Joko Widodo's presidential campaign. But more than a political rapper, he is also a rice farmer.

by Robertus Karyono July 26, 2014
For Nobody Can Take Away the Dances We've Already Had

Some writers are a life-long inspiration for many. This writer unveils how the recently passed Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez has influenced her life in many ways.

by Lynda Ibrahim April 25, 2014
Menstrual Man 9 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Menstrual Man: The Real Superhero

His obsession with producing sanitary pads for his wife made this man a pariah in his village. Watch the fascinating story of a man who made a machine that churns out cheap sanitary pads for India's rural women.

by Hera Diani March 7, 2014
Gayask Thumbnail 62, Magdalene
Why Can't They 'Un-Gay'? The Straight Answers to Stupid Questions

Is homosexuality not in line with Indian culture? This Bollywood hunk begs to differ. Watch this funny video of Imran Khan answering stupid questions about gay people.

by Magdalene January 16, 2014
the good men Thumbnail, Magdalene
Enlightened Masculinity

Real men don't read Maxim, they browse the articles on The Good Men Project. Introducing a web-magazine for the 21st century men.

by Magdalene November 15, 2013
Tees 5 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Threading Passion

From his hometown in Makassar, South Sulawesi, graphic designer Budi Satria Kwan has been spreading his creative wings across the globe, among other designing 70 products for US-based t-shirt company Threadless that have sold over 260 thousands pieces to buyers around the world. Here he talks about what local designers can do to raise their profile internationally.

by Vincentius Paidi October 24, 2013
Hawking 11 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Life According to Stephen Hawking

'Hawking', an inspiring personal journal of one of the world's most extraordinary minds, says our reviewer.

by Anita Rachman October 10, 2013
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The Feminist Ulema

Meet Kyai Husein Muhammad, ulema, gender and human rights activist, and champion of youth reproductive rights, who has initiated a campaign on Islamic-based sexual and reproductive health rights in Islamic boarding school.

by Hera Diani September 20, 2013