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March 03, 2017

Aisyah Scopes: March 2017

Missing your weekly Tarotscope? Well, here's our new resident astrologer, Aisyah Llewellyn, bringing you a monthly reading.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Hello Magdalene readers! My first monthly horoscope column for you and I couldn’t be more excited! I certainly picked a good month to start, so buckle up because March is going to be quite something.

Friday 3rd March
Jupiter is opposite Uranus and these planets love to tussle. Uranus is known for being unpredictable and quirky so who knows what we will see. I wouldn’t mind guessing that something that has been covered up will come to the surface – Uranus has a way of surprising us and we are also coming off the back of a Solar Eclipse when things (including the Sun) are literally covered. Something will be revealed and my money is on the United States and the FBI or CIA. Possibly the United Kingdom (MI6?) Maybe Russia too. All of their charts are WHITE HOT due to the planetary positions right now. Something is coming.

Saturday 4th March 
Venus will go retrograde on the 4th of March until the 15th of April. Venus rules beauty and appearances and when she goes to sleep it throws off our judgement. Now is not the time to change your appearance drastically such as getting a new hair colour or cosmetic surgery. You probably won’t like the result as much as you thought you would. Retrogrades are also always about a “RE”. A return, a rewind, a rethink, so things usually come back to us. As Venus rules love I wouldn’t be surprised if an ex-lover pops up. It’s not a good time to jump straight back into things though, so wait until after the 15th of April if you really want to give a romantic relationship another shot.
Sunday 5th March 
We will have Uranus at 22 Aries opposite Vulcano 22 in Libra. Vulcano is an asteroid and used to be depicted as a blacksmith so I see fire and brimstone here. 22 in the heavens links to the birth chart of the United Kingdom which has Vulcano at 22 Cancer so I think we will see something about the UK that will be explosive, violent, and unexpected. Saturn will be at 23 Leo (so almost 22 which is significant) so I am going to say this might also implicate the Royal Family somehow who we always associate with the sign of the Lion. Watch out! I also see volcanoes, earthquakes and fires here thanks to Vulcano.

March 9th:
Planet of Fire Mars moves out of Aries (its home sign!). Mars loves Aries and together they are like a shot of adrenalin. Remember how 2017 started off at a snail’s pace and you felt like you were wading through treacle? Well that was because we had Pisces in the mix dragging us down to the depths with its sloshy energy. As soon as Mars went into Aries we woke up and February was probably a kickstarter month for many of us. Now on March 9th Mars moves into Taurus and they are not the best of bedfellows. Mars is active, forward moving, passionate, intense and...well...fiery. Taurus is sloooooow and plodding. This means that there is a push-pull energy here that will be tricky to navigate. Patience!

March 12th
We have the full moon in Virgo! Full moons are about completion (the completion of the moon cycle for one) and endings and Virgo is linked to health...so we may suddenly realise that now is the time to take control of our diet or join a gym. If we have been ignoring a health issue then we may decide to get it checked out. Do what you have to do.

March 14th
Mercury, planet of communication moves out of Pisces. This energy was making us watch our words and turn inwards. Mercury will move into Aries which is all about being direct and saying what you think. In some ways communication may be clearer and more to the point but it might also come with some harsh words. Say what you mean, but don’t go overboard.

March 27th
It’s a new moon in Aries! New moons as you would imagine are about beginnings and Aries is a shot of adrenalin and a forward thinker. Go for it and chase whatever you have been working on or meaning to start. The heavens are with you on this one.
And here’s your sign’s monthly reading:

It’s all about you this month Aries, or at least about you and how you relate to others. Aries is dancing around with Libra so it’s going to be about partnerships and how you see yourself with other people. This could be your role in a romantic relationship or even a work situation. The question to ask is how do you want to be seen? You may have had to reinvent yourself many times over the last few years and the time has now come to build on this. One word of caution, this is an explosive week and you are a hothead. Stay calm.

You’ve been slogging away recently (or over the past few years) which is what Taurus was born to do. Even you, however, have probably had enough of the struggle. You want the rewards for all your hard work and you are going to get them this week, if you keep on trucking. Leaps and bounds in your career are coming, but don’t take your foot off the gas. If anything, work harder. You are so, so close.

Gemini are the great communicator of the zodiac ruled by chatty Mercury, but with the Mars-Uranus transit I keep banging on about things could get...heated. For you this seems to be about how you communicate with others especially groups or it could mean social media. Don’t engage in fights and if you feel the tension mounting then just walk away. Now is a good time for you to turn inwards and do some work on your plans for the future and your own inner world.

It’s about career and family for you this month Cancer. You are such a nurturing sign that you hate your home life being disturbed, but the planets are swirling around and bringing some tricky transits. Remember whatever comes leads to something better, however disruptive it may feel. This planetary push could give you the chance to innovate or make some big breakthroughs on the work/home life front.

So much change is coming, Leo, and none of us will escape a pretty bumpy ride in March. As such, focus on staying strong and rolling with the punches. You may find a change of job on the cards or a change in your circumstances that you never saw coming. The way you communicate is highlighted so be careful what you write down. Remain flexible throughout this month and many of the changes you face may turn out to be very profitable by 2018.

For Virgo there are changes coming on the money front. This is very much about how you make or spend money and anyone you have a financial relationship with. I see the end of something for you here financially, like an agreement ending. You may hit a bump in the road where money is concerned that upsets your earthy tendencies, but don’t worry. This is asking you to assess your finances or even consider new ways of doing things that will make you earn more than you could ever imagine right now. So...take whatever comes in your stride, learn from it, and improve. It’s going to get better. A lot better.

Both Mars and Uranus are in Aries now and Aries is the opposite sign of Libra. This is going to shake things up and you are going to feel it. This is about your partner, usually a romantic one. You will have had a lot of drama on this front over the last few years and you probably feel like you can’t take any more, still, here it comes. Remember, however, that the universe never gives us more than we can handle and whatever happens, whether it is a make-up or a break-up, it is paving the way for better things. Just don’t add fuel to this already fiery time by saying things you can’t take back.

Something about your old way of life may have been giving you grief over the past few years, Scorpio, and now here it is again. Now is a time of personal independence which you can have if you want but you are going to have to work for it. Your lifestyle or your work may have been dragging you down and now something will set off a reaction that cuts you lose. You can decide which direction you now want to go in.

Stern Saturn is in your house of income so finances are going to be slow moving. This is not necessarily bad as it can give you time to work on financial planning and money management for the future. Just don’t expect any great leaps and bounds. Relationships for you are going to be tricky and this is also about how you feel in your own skin. What do you want out of the relationships with those close to you? Keep a steady hand through this.

For Capricorn the focus is on home life and your actual home. Knocks will come and it’s about finding out how you really want to live your life. When change confronts you (and it will- for all of us!) focus on rebuilding with an emphasis on how you want your home to look and feel. This can mean literally or with the people around you.

Aquarius loves freedom and the good news is that it is coming for you. I get the feeling this is about technology and how you use it to communicate. It will set you free but it could come in an electrifying way that you don’t see coming and you may not welcome the change at first. Mars may make you fly off the handle and say something you will regret so stay calm before you communicate.

You start the Month with Mercury in your sign and this rules communication so you will have this on your side until Mercury goes into Aries on March 14th. This could mean you make big strides in the first few weeks. By the end of the month you will see intriguing offers coming your way but they may mean reshaping areas of your life that until now you thought were unmovable.
Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.