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February 14, 2019

Stylish Cocktails and Female Badassery at Jakarta's First Feminist Bar

At Bar Gina, Jakarta's first ever feminist bar, you can drink and be merry while soaking in the feminist vibe.

by Camely Artha

Hanging out alone in a bar may not be the safest thing to do if you’re a woman. There is always the risk of getting harassed by creepy men, or, worst, someone may slip drugs in your drink when you’re not looking.
This is the reason behind Bar Gina in South Jakarta, a space where women can drink and be merry safely, while getting empowered by the feminist vibe.  Its Instagram tagline perfectly captures its spirit: “A lil’ bit of sass, with a lot of badass.”
Located on Jl. Suryo, the first feminist-themed bar in Jakarta has opened its door to public since October last year. It was founded by three young entrepreneurs in their mid-twenties. The three friends, who request not to be named, were said to have been inspired by a feminist bar in New York.
When you enter Bar Gina on the second floor above a restaurant, the first thing you’ll see is a piece of decorative neon art piece showing a woman with the accompanying text: “Sometimes the world sucks so I go to my own.”
The all-about-female-empowerment bar also has an Insta-worthy giant painting of The Last Supper, featuring, among others, the images of tennis star Serena Williams, artist Yayoi Kusama, and Oprah Winfrey.

“We want to empower women, giving them a safe space to chill and/or hang out. They can wear whatever they want, say whatever they want, and sing whatever they want without being judged,” said Rani, Bar Gina’s head of marketing and public relation.
“Even if someone wants to come here only in pair of bra, it is fine,” she added.
With a chic but relaxed ambience, the bar offers a wide ranging option of drinks costing from Rp 60,000 (about US$ 4) to Rp 2,500,000. A glass of stylish cocktails would likely set you back at about Rp 110,000.
Bar Gina gave Magdalene a taste of some of their signature craft cocktails. “Unapologetic” has a strong and fruity taste of raspberry-infused gin. The white-rum-based “Between Moods” is mild with a slightly sweet pandan flavor, reminding me of the traditional gingery drink sekoteng.
Rani described “You, Me, and Gina,” a watermelon sweet gin concoction with a bitter aftertaste, as “a masculine drink with a feminine touch.” My favorite, however, is “Bangkok Dangerous,” a mix of sweet, thick and creamy Thai tea and rum.
Not in the mood for cocktails? Don’t worry, the bar serves various craft beers such as Mirror Pond Ale, Bohemian Pilsner, and Summer Solstice. Their signature Long Island Iced Tea is also a must try, served in a handcrafted-ceramic glass in the shape of a women’s body complete with the breasts.
From Wednesday to Saturday, there is live music to keep guests entertained.  And, of course, you’re welcome to request songs, or even join the band to sing on stage.
Bar Gina offers various promos during weekdays. There is the buy-2-get-3 beer on “Manic Monday,” special price for the purchase of two bottles of wine on “Great Minds Drink Alike Tuesday”, and free flow wine on “Red Lips Wednesday.” There is also free-flow gin and tonic on “Who Run the World Girls Thursday”, and Jameson promo on TGIF, which in this bar is a shortfor “Thank Gina It’s Friday.”
“Gina is a safe place where everybody can be themselves,” said Rani. “We welcome people of all genders to have a great time here.”
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Amel is an undergraduate student majoring in Management. She spends way too much of her time binge-watching on Netflix, and takes pleasure in Mexican food occasionally.