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Tetaplah Bernyanyi Walau Suaramu Disebut Tak Merdu

Bernyanyi adalah hak, bukan cuma buat pemilik suara merdu.

by Umi Ma’rufah March 24, 2020
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Shaping Spaces Through Knitting: A Personal Reflection

Since taking up knitting she has finally found a sense of belonging in a traditionally female-dominated space.

by Mahardhika Sjamsoe’oed Sadjad June 18, 2019
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Aisyah Scopes: February 2018

This month is about putting the building blocks in place for the year ahead.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist February 2, 2018
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The Pros and Cons of Being a Victim of "Bagcism"

If you're not into bags, particularly branded bags, you may face some discrimination. The good news is being a victim of "bagcism" comes some perks too.

by Misty Diansharira April 18, 2016
5 Awesome Destinations for your 2016 Girls Trip

Five best destinations for that trip you've been planning to take with your girlfriends. Which will happen in 2016.

by May Meitriyana December 21, 2015
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I'm Newly Single, Where Should I Travel To?

Where should a newly single woman travel for some (safe) adventure?

by R.L. November 29, 2015
The Coloring Frenzy

She used to buy cheap coloring books in bulk to pacify her niece and nephews, but it wasn't until she tried her hands at an adult coloring book that she got completely hooked.

by Detski November 19, 2015
10 Things to Do in Kebun Raya Bogor

This holiday season, you don't have to travel too far to enjoy nature. Kebun Raya Bogor has a lot to offer for a nice day out in nature.

by Ira Guntur and Nurjanah Putri July 15, 2015
How Can I Stop My Online Shopping Addiction?

Recovering online shopaholic Madge imparts some useful tips on how to stop an online shopping addiction.

by Magdalene May 13, 2015
A Scenic Voyage of History and Culture in Oman

Oman's preserved cultural heritage and scenic nature makes the "Norway of the Gulf" a great destination.

by Tomi Soetjipto March 17, 2015