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2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: A Fast-Changing Time for Women’s Football

Women’s football has moved forward away from obscurity and lack of respect, shaping itself to be the better half of professional football.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist June 13, 2019
After Women’s March, a Push for Sexual Violence Bill in Indonesia

After another successful Women’s March in Jakarta and surrounding cities, activists vow to push for Sexual Violence Bill.

by Shafira Amalia May 4, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Haruskah Anak Kecil Mengenakan Jilbab?

Adalah suatu kemunduran jika kita mengukur keimanan dan ketakwaan diri hanya berdasarkan pada simbol-simbol yang melekat pada tubuh perempuan.

by Silfana Nasri March 14, 2019
When Ahok Stole My Thunder: A Divorce Story

There are a lot of things that only fellow divorcees can understand and empathize. The latest essay by Magdalene’s Managing Editor Hera Diani.

by Hera Diani, Co-Founder March 7, 2019
Online Gender-based Violence on the Rise but Prosecuting Cases a Challenge

Police often ignore the gender-based violence dimension of online abuse cases, ending up with the victims being charged for defamation.

by Camely Artha February 1, 2019
Smug Married Friends, Here's What Not to Say/Do to Your Single Friends

Are you one of these smug married friends? If yes, take heed!

by Ruby Astari January 9, 2019
Gender Equality Workplace Karina Tungari Thumbnail, Magdalene
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Riset: Hanya 11% Perempuan Jadi Narasumber Media di Indonesia

Riset oleh Tempo Institute dan PDAT menunjukkan bahwa perempuan hanya mencakup 11 persen dari seluruh narasumber di media di Indonesia.

by Wulan Kusuma Wardhani, Reporter December 19, 2018
Asian Women Migrant Workers Offers Food to Cure Homesickness in Kobe Restaurant

A restaurant in Kobe, Japan, provides a cozy hangout place to cure homesickness and food cooked by women migrant workers.

by Daniel Awigra December 19, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Antara Aurat, Agama, dan Hubungan Darah

Ketika hubungan sedarah menjadi retak karena perbedaan pendapat soal agama dibungkam.

by Eliza Vitri Handayani December 14, 2018
Travel Novelist Famega Syavira Putri Inspires Other Women

The journalist wrote about her journey to 18 countries and 44 cities in four and a half months in a travel novel.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari December 13, 2018