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April 01, 2017

Aisyah Scopes: April 2017

It's April and Uranus, planet of surprises and lightning bolts, is jumping around. So expect the unexpected this month.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Hello Magdalene readers, lovely to be here with you once again!

First, a little look back at some of my predictions from March that I filed at the end of February: Something will be revealed and my money is on the United States and the FBI or CIA. Possibly the United Kingdom (MI6?) Maybe Russia too. All of their charts are WHITE HOT due to the planetary positions right now. Something is coming. 

As we now know, this was the wiretapping scandal in the US which implicated MI5 and Russia!

Also this: 22 in the heavens links to the birth chart of the United Kingdom which has Vulcano at 22 Cancer so I think we will see something about the UK that will be explosive, violent, and unexpected.

Sadly, this was the terror attack in Westminster in London that came out of nowhere and left 5 people including the attacker dead.

Saturn will be at 23 Leo (so almost 22 which is significant) so I am going to say this might also implicate the Royal Family somehow who we always associate with the sign of the Lion.

I’ll be honest, I was nervous about this one as the month rumbled on and nothing happened. Then we had the scandal involving Prince William partying in France without his wife and skipping the Commonwealth Day Service in Westminster Abbey to do so.

Watch out! I also see volcanoes, earthquakes and fires here thanks to Vulcano. What happened? Mount Etna erupted in spectacular fashion.
As you can see...astrology works!
And now on to April, I’m not going to sugar coat it, April will be tricky for all of us. Uranus, planet of surprises and lightning bolts, is jumping around and we are going to have to learn to expect the unexpected. The interesting thing about April is that something that starts now will be the beginning of something amazing, but it will take until this time next year to fully come to light. A good example of this might be that you get a great idea for a new business now. You will surge ahead and be really excited about the project, only to find that it fails to fully launch. There will be delays, communication issues, and other hurdles, but it will come together. It just won’t happen quickly or as easily as you might hope. When you look back however you will see that the foundations you made in April 2017 will be acorns from which great oaks will grow. This is an exciting time but it will also require patience!
7th April: Uranus moves into Aries 
Uranus is a slow moving planet and takes seven years to go through one zodiac sign, so when it changes signs this causes a big shake up. On the 7th of April it will move from wishy-washy Pisces into gung-ho Aries. This is a good match. Uranus rules surprises and Aries is a go-getter so it will bring shake ups that push us to get ahead. Aries is hot-tempered however and impulsive and with Uranus it can cause tension. I predict we will see an upturn in arguments and quarrels as well as extreme weather patterns (volcanoes, lightning bolts, fires). Uranus is also about personal freedom and with Aries in the mix I think this will manifest in protests, marches, and demonstrations. Uranus is also the sign of refugees, so expect to see a big story involving this kicking off in April. One last thing, Aries is in the 5th house of the USA chart which rules, amongst other things, national parks...so I think we might see a big story about that too!
9th April: Mercury goes retrograde
Mercury is the sign of communication and technology and when it goes retrograde, all of these areas are affected. Common issues at this time come in the form of emails sent to the wrong person, flight delays, hacking, and other scrambled messages. Don’t buy any new appliances now and check everything you send to others be it text messages, emails, or anything on social media.
11th April: Libra Full Moon 
Full moons are always about endings but at this time Libra is in Uranus and so what comes will be a surprise. Around this date something will come to an end in a dramatic fashion. Libra rules law, so I would say an old law may suddenly be overturned, never to be reinstated.
15th April: Venus goes direct 
Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, has been retrograde and now it will go direct again. Relationships should be smoother and finances should pick up. If you have seen money matters jumping around all over the place, then things should settle down.
26th April: Taurus New Moon
 A New Moon is always a fresh start and we have one in Taurus. If you happen to be born under this sign, then this will be like a personal new year. If not, it is still a good time to harness this energy and take slow, meticulous steps towards a new goal.
30th April: Pluto in 2nd House of Finances
We end the month with Pluto in the 2nd house of the USA chart which rules finances. Pluto is a tricky planet that creates as much as it destroys. When Pluto rumbles through a house it often cuts away old baggage that is weighing us down but it can feel scary at the time. I feel that the way we handle money, particularly US Dollars (as this is in the US chart) will change. Maybe we will even see a new way of dealing with our finances or perhaps a new currency like bitcoin emerging.
And now, for a look at each individual sign...
You have probably been struggling with your image for a while now and you are desperately in need of a rebrand. It is coming this month but slowly. This is about how others see you and how you want to show yourself to the world. April will be significant as you may come across the perfect way to re-launch yourself, your career, or your life, but this is only the beginning. By May things will be clearer. For now, follow any leads and pursue everything. Your big change is coming soon, but it requires a little bit more patience.

Taurus has had a hard couple of years and now the way is getting clearer. Slowly. In April you will get some great leads, like a new collaboration, or an offer to work on something new that will change the way people see you and the way you work. It won’t happen overnight, but what starts now will lead to big re-launch at the end of May. If you have an idea for something like a new website, then work on it now and get ready to see it pay off over the next few months. Don’t however expect changes overnight.

Gemini rules communication and, in turn, its ruler is Mercury which will go retrograde in April. This means you need to watch what you say and anything that you write down. Communication issues and confusion rules now, for your sign more than others. This is a great time to work quietly on your own projects and get ready to launch them at the end of May. For now, spend time planning and plotting.

This month will bring a breakthrough in group dynamics and how you relate to others. You may have felt stuck for the past few years or as if everything you have wanted to do has been thwarted at every turn. Thankfully, this is coming to an end, but it will not be without challenges. Remember, it is bringing something so much better. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a shakeup in your group now, maybe a colleague leaving or you may have a falling out with a friend who has been causing you stress. What ends now, however, is paving the way for something far better, and when you look back you will see how this was the beginning of a freer cycle.

Your career is in the spotlight Leo, and you may find that this is the beginning of something bigger and better in 2018. For now, however, it may feel challenging. You may want to make a change in your career only to find out that you didn’t get that promotion you deserved or that you missed the deadline to apply for a new job. No matter. This gives you time to think about what you really want and it will turn out to be significant later on. By all means explore all your options and see what leads you can find, just be aware that they may take time to work themselves out. A good example might be that you lose out on a job, only for the hiring manager to call you up a few months down the road offering you something even better.

Virgo is going to have changes in areas like publishing, finance, and international travel. The way things are going now can’t last. Tough as that sounds, you already know that. Something better is on the way and you will get whispers of it in April. Solutions are there but they will be the bare bones of an idea that won’t come together until May at least. Still, pick up leads now, experiment with new ways of doing things, and then follow whatever seems to be the most promising into May. There are chances to make and save money now, but they will come in fits and starts.

For you Libra, April will be about hammering out partnerships. This could be with a loved one or with a professional partner. Your sign wants to balance the scales but communication issues will come up with Mercury Retrograde. Expect crossed wires with those close to you and be careful about money. Get agreements and arrangements in writing and make sure everyone around you is on the same page. Relationships of all kinds may be a little rocky but they are also paving the way for something better. By October you can expect to be much more financially secure, but for now, take it slowly where money and other people are concerned.

Your workload and your body (and how these are linked) comes to the fore now. You may find that old ways of working or the old routines are simply no longer helpful, and you will be looking at new ways of doing things. Healing, food and medicine are all issues that may come up now and you may feel that you are floundering around trying to find the right path. It is coming, so explore everything. Something that happens in April will be very significant later on, but it will take time to work itself out. Perhaps you may hear of a new co-working space, but may not be able to book yourself in, or a new diet that you keep stopping and starting. By May, however, it will become clear that one of the paths that opened up in April is the right one for you when it comes to your body and your daily life.

I think you know that some changes need to be made. These could refer to people close to you or the way you live your life and your daily routine. Either way, change is coming and it will be amazingly freeing. In the short term, however, it may seem challenging, like a new job that looked great, but is suddenly daunting and fraught with worry. Relax, you are merely undergoing a time of revolution, and you will look back and see that what happened in April was leading you to a much better place when it comes to your daily routine, health, and relationships.

It is going to be all about close relatives and how they relate to issues involving your home. You may have found that ideas such as where you live and why you live there have plagued you in recent years and now something will hit (yes like a lightning bolt from Uranus) that lights up the world around you and makes you see clearly. This could be something like a pesky landlord who suddenly asks you to move, but it will bring a change that is much needed. It could also relate to “home” in a wider sense. You may find out something about your home country that changes the way you live your life in the coming years.

For a while now you may have been struggling to find the best way to communicate with others. You may have tried writing a book, or a blog, or penned songs, or taken part in amateur dramatics. In April a change is coming and it may be sudden. A book you wanted to publish may be rejected, but an offer that comes after that may be an ever better fit than you could ever have dreamed of. This is just one example and I don’t know your personal situation, but this is front and centre now. A way of communicating with others will have to end or change, but it will lead to a much freer kind of self-expression in the long run.

Finances, business, possession, and connections are all highlighted for you now Pisces. You may have been making strides lately, but you are not quite there yet. Plans you have been making may suddenly come unhinged which is never pleasant for your sensitive sign, but it will be leading you away from an outdated idea to something better. Remember that any plans you make in April need to be flexible as the energy is shifting and delays will happen. When it comes to communication and how this affects your business or your money, you will be given a clue in April that you need to follow.

And finally, thanks to everyone asking about readings! If you want to enquire about a personal chart reading or a compatibility chart to find out how you can better communicate with that special someone in your life then hit me up at [email protected] or find me on Twitter @AisyahScopes
Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.