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November 03, 2017

Aisyahscopes: November 2017

It is almost the end of the year but we are ending with a bang and November is going to be even sweeter than October was for all of you.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Hello Magdalene readers! Is it really November already? It is almost the end of the year but we are ending with a bang and November is going to be even sweeter than October was for all of you. October was a little all over the place emotionally, and now we are back on a more even footing. Jupiter has moved into Scorpio, planet of sex and power, so it is no surprise that we saw the Harvey Weinstein scandal start to unravel and there will be more of this to come over the next few months. On a personal level this is a month to get back on track and set the tone for the coming 12 months. Think of it as a New Year of s;orts, just a few months early!
Let’s have a look at how it is all going to go down...

4th November: Full Moon in Taurus
This is the only Full Moon in Taurus of the whole year and it symbolizes a time of completions and endings regarding relationships and finance. This doesn’t mean that you will lose money or break up however, and in fact it’s quite the opposite. This is a time when many of us could see a windfall of some kind or could get engaged or take a relationship to the next level. If you have been waiting to have ‘the talk’ then now is a great moment to go for it.

11th of November: Saturn trine Uranus
For most of us 2017 will have felt a little unsettled. Things have been in a state of flux and we may have had to adapt to changes throughout the year even if we didn’t want to. Now this trine between taskmaster Saturn and Planet of Surprises Uranus hits us on the 11th of November and it everything could change again. The good news? This time the changes are here to stay and this is about getting rid of the final baggage that is stopping us from making progress.

18th November: New Moon in Scorpio

We have a New Moon in Scorpio which shows new beginnings but also some tension with everything else going on in the skies right now. It would be no surprise if this day, or the days before and after the New Moon, signals the beginning of the end for some of the big boys in power around the world, be they predatory producers or unscrupulous politicians. Circle this day as we may find out news about more scandals concerned with sex, power, abuse and collusion. 

And now for a look at each individual sign...

Relationships have been rocky for you Aries and now you get a break from it all. Things will settle down for you with your nearest and dearest and you will find that people are more sympathetic than they were even a few months ago. If you decide to split now then you will do so amicably and this could be a time to carve up your possessions in a fair way. It has been a long road through 2017 and now in November you will finally feel...well...kind of happier than you have felt for a long time. There might not be any concrete reason for this Aries, but it is more a change in your mental state that allows you to finally smell the roses. You have earned it Aries so relax and know that everything is coming together for you now slowly but surely.

You need to pay attention in November Taurus as this is going to be a challenging month in some ways. The reality is that you have worked so hard over the last year and you are finally seeing some progress. But, with this progress comes the need for some changes when it comes to the old way of doing things. So...when we say that you need to make more changes and look at your life with a laser sharp focus, this is actually a good thing. But it may not feel like it at the time and you may be tired from all the hard work that has got you this far. Keep the faith and sort out anything and anyone that is no longer working for you. November is actually a month where you will break free and start a whole new chapter in your life. Unfortunately this starts with rolling up your sleeves so get moving and draw up a to-do list! 

You will start November in a sociable mood Gemini which is no surprise really as you are one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac anyway. But this is highlighted now as your house of friends and groups is all lit up and is begging you to pay attention. Any group events like sports are favoured now as are collaborations with others in a work situation. And of course this also extends to relationships so if you have wanted to get closer to someone in your life then now is the time to let them know your intentions. By the same token, someone who goes on to be very significant could walk into your life so make sure that you get out there and mingle.

There is a lot going on for you in November Cancer and it’s going to be a pretty wild month. Money, work and housing are all favoured for you now...but you will have to push for it. One of your problems is that you spend too much time in your own mind thinking through plans which never see the light of day. Now you have another one and it is time to make a decision about whether you want to make it a reality or if it is just an illusion. It could be great if you decide to go for it. Relationships are also in the mix this month and you could clash with someone close to you around the 18th of November. Be careful of jealousy, obsession and possessive behaviour because this could also be an illusion that you are projecting onto someone else. Stop daydreaming this month and focus on real life. 

For so many of us November will be all about cleaning house Leo and this applies to you even more than other signs. It is time to get rid of all the things that aren’t working so think of this as almost a personal New Year where you get to clean out the cupboards and make some resolutions. The most obvious issue in your chart is someone in your life who has been driving you crazy. They may just need to go Leo and you may have done your best in recent months to keep the peace. Now is the time to ask yourself if people are really worth your time and energy. This could also apply to enemies who have always been in your sights, but now is the time to ask yourself if you need to spend any more time worrying about them. Let it go and let them go this month. 

Relationships are at the forefront of your chart this month November and, like many signs, there are some life decisions to be made. Your relationships may have been tested over this year and you may not have known which way to turn for the best. Now you get to either make a clean break or put the past behind you. If one of you has been having an affair then now could be a time to end it. If you have been on a break then now could be the moment you reconcile. There are lots of different ways this could play out but one thing you need to remember is that there are still a few aspects to this that you can’t quite see. So make sure you talk everything through and take this slowly. Great things are possible in your relationship sphere this month Virgo but you need to keep a good head on your shoulders.

You are probably finally getting a break Libra and it feels good. You had Libra in Jupiter until the 10th of October and this crowned you the celestial favourite but it may have not felt like it. Sometimes the shift actually occurs once Jupiter moves on and all the seeds you planted start to bloom. This is happening for you now but it is still a slow burn. So don’t expect to run before you can walk. You also need to remember that as new opportunities come your way now (and they will) you may have to let go of things from the past that aren’t working any more. And this could be tough. It may be something like leaving a job for a more prestigious role for better pay, but you will have to say goodbye to your colleagues who have become good friends over the years. This kind of change can be challenging but worth it. You are finally going places. 

Sometimes Jupiter in Scorpio is misinterpreted in astrological circles. The problem is that Scorpio is associated with sex and death and Jupiter with luck and abundance so astrologers sometimes tend to focus on wild sexual relationships blooming during this time. This is not really true however and Jupiter in Scorpio is actually asking you to look at yourself and is not related to other people at all. This year (until November 2018) has crowned you the celestial favourite and now you get the chance to look within and decide what you want to do with it. The main issue you face however is figuring out how to make your dreams a reality. Is there something you have wanted to do for years but somehow never got around to it? Well...now is that time and by next year you could look back and be amazed by how much you have accomplished. 

Travel in the mix for you this month Sagittarius which is exciting but also not really new. After all Sagittarius rules travel and you are the eternal wanderer of the zodiac. Still...there is a very strong possibility that you will take a trip this month and that this will expand your horizons and also help you connect with other people who could go on to be very significant in your life. There could also be a situation where you need to travel to clear your head and think about where you are going. In some ways November can be a kind of personal New Year for you as this could really shape how much of 2018 plays out, depending on the decisions that you make now. Opportunities could come your way and you need to keep an open mind but also get rid of anything that isn’t working. Take the time you need at the beginning of the month and then get ready for action around the New Moon on the 18th.

Do you believe in karma Capricorn? Actually as an Earth sign with your hooves planted firmly on the ground then the answer is probably ‘no’. But you should...as you are about to experience this in a big way throughout November. This is month where things finally come together after a kind of patchy year for all signs, and now you get to reap some of the benefits. If things felt stuck for you until this point then suddenly they start to move in the right direction and it could just be that there is a little more harmony in your life now. Relationships will be smoother and money could also start to flow in if you look for opportunities. This could also come in the form of sheer good luck so look out for a windfall or a cheque that comes out of the blue! 

November requires us to clean house and this applies to you too Aquarius. But, in your case it is a little different. Many signs are looking towards the future and at ways to rearrange their lives and let go of past baggage. For you however there is a sense that you may have made a mistake in the past that you now need to correct. This could come in a number of forms such as a job you passed on, a project you didn’t take, a renovation to a home you didn’t make and so on. Somewhere there may be a feeling that you missed out on something which you now regret and you want to go back in time and sort it out. By all means do so if it’s a possibility, as November is about cleaning things up in a way that suits you. There are no hard and fast rules, but you may also want to look to future and see where that is leading you as well. 

It is all about you and technology this month Pisces which may sound a little strange at first. The reality straight away is that this is a month when you will be alone, or you will want to be alone as much as you can. This then links to technology and how you communicate, and it could be that you completely rethink the way you do this. Is social media draining your time and energy? This could be the month when you decide to delete a few apps and spend more time in your own company, and actually this is a good thing as it could lead to a great breakthrough when it comes to your emotional wellbeing. Something that you put in place now, perhaps on the Internet, will also reshape how you communicate or use technology into 2018. You are an old soul Pisces and you have deep wells of intuition. Now is the time to tune out all the noise and follow your instincts.
Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.