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January 04, 2018

Aisyah Scopes: January 2018

Supermoons, eclipses, curve balls, all make this month an emotionally wild month.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Happy New Year, Magdalene readers! 2017 was wild, wasn’t it? But now it’s time to look forward to a shiny new year and a clean slate. Astrologically, 2018 is a kinder than 2017 but that doesn’t mean we won’t see some bumps in the road, as with every year, which is why we really need to use astrology to navigate them.

Talking of bumps in the road, January is going to be a pretty wild month all on its own. There is a lot going on packed into the opening month of 2018, as we both start and end it with Supermoons in Cancer and Leo. There are eclipses, curve balls thrown by Uranus (Planet of Surprises) and a whole host of other things that make the mood all just a touch emotional. It’s also a month to start your life anew, speak your truth and power forward as you mean to go on. As a whole, this is a very positive month, but a busy one, so don’t think you are going to get away with gently easing into 2018. It starts with a bang!

Here is how it is all going to go down...

1st January - Full Moon in Cancer

The year starts with a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer the Crab, which is also a Supermoon. This brings with it a deep sense of emotion, particularly for Cancerians but also for everyone else. The emotions stirred up by this Supermoon will last for several days, so watch out for mood swings and people who may seem more expressive and vulnerable than usual. One thing to note about this Supermoon is that it is a good time to make plans for the year ahead, tell others how you feel about them, and generally set your intentions and lay everything on the line.

16th January – New Moon in Capricorn

On the 16th of January there is a New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of the Mountain Goat. This is traditionally a time of opportunity and many people may find that things like job offers come their way at this time. One little hiccup however comes from a hard angle with Uranus which could throw a surprise into the mix. This is one of the most unpredictable planets in the heavens and you need to be ready to expect the unexpected around this time.

31st January – Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

The month ends with as much drama and energy as it started. The Total Lunar Eclipse on the 31st of January could bring with it an ending regarding relationships, friendships or group activities (like a band breaking up). Lunar Eclipses often ‘eclipse’ someone from your life and if this happens to you then remember that this is the universe’s way of ridding you of relationships that are no longer working for you and clearing the way for something or someone better.

Happy New Year, Aries! This is a new start for you and a chance for you to put the past well and truly behind you. There is something exciting coming up for you when it comes to your house, home town or country, but as this is a new start, it also means that you will have to get used to doing things differently – which could take time. In the opening days of 2018, try and think about where you want to be in the world at the end of the year. How do you see your life panning out and what do you need to get there? There is a chance for you to now rewrite the script on all of this and you could also find you meet people who will help you to figure this out. In this sense this is also about your community and finding where you fit in. As the month progresses you need to tune in to your own desires and needs so that you can answer some questions about where your life is heading.

Happy New Year, Taurus! Get ready to explore! Travel shines bright in your chart now, so don’t be surprised if you get the opportunity to jet off now and see another part of the world. If you are in a job that also includes travel, then the two could be linked and you could get to enjoy a working holiday. This could sound a little strange to you now if you don’t have any travel plans in the works, but look out for a surprise coming your way and dust off your suitcase. You may also want to think about your plans and goals for the new year and start to write these down so that you are absolutely clear on where you are going. People usually do this kind of thing at the start of the year anyway, but with fast paced opportunities and decisions coming your way in the first weeks of January you won’t have much time to deal with these as the month progresses.

Happy New Year, Gemini! When it comes to this year, it is all about focus for you. As an Air sign, it is fair to say that you are not the most focused of people, and this can cause you to miss out on opportunities that could come your way this year. As the Full Moon manifests at the start of the month, think about where you want January to take you and then make some concrete plans. The key word here is “concrete” as you need to nail down a plan of action. Opportunities such as travel or career advancement in multimedia or publishing fields are in the mix throughout this month, but you need to be able to jump on them if you are really going to put a stamp on the year ahead. In this sense, this month and the coming year are less about ideas (which you have in abundance) and all about action. Start now and get going!

Happy New Year, Cancer! Of all the signs, you will have the most dramatic and challenging month. We have a Supermoon in Cancer at the beginning of January and, as you are ruled by the Moon, this affects you more than other people. You will be more emotional than usual and something that has been building for a while is now coming to a climax. If you need to have a conversation with someone, then now is the time to do it – there is no way to put it off any longer. The theme for the month is your relationships and you could be trying to choose between what you want to do and what you feel you should do. This is about your emotions versus your sense of duty, and managing relationships in your life. This could involve competing relationships with people who are rivals, or managing members of a team such as employees or members of a band. Whatever it is, you need to decide who fits into your life and where – and who doesn’t.

Happy New Year, Leo! January will bring with it a change regarding your relationships. You have had it a little tough over the past few years regarding those close to you and family members, and now the fog lifts a little for you. Now you get the chance to get back on a more even footing and the opportunity to make some choices. If you are single then January could see you meeting someone new who goes on to be very significant in your life. If you are already coupled, then this is also a time when you could grow closer to your partner and make some significant decisions as part of a couple. This will undoubtedly involve your home life and family and it could mean that you move to a bigger family home, renovate or generally make some changes that bring you closer to the people around you both physically and emotionally. All in all, this is the dominant theme in 2018 and you can look forward to a rewarding year where love will blossom or deepen and your emotional life will improve.

Happy New Year, Virgo! Your work life is now in the spotlight and you finally get to wave goodbye to the last three years which have been tough to say the least. Now things improve and all the struggles in the past come to fruition in many ways. You could feel as if you have been plugging away and getting nowhere, but actually you have been building your portfolio and experience and now you get to capitalize on this. Job offers and improved working conditions could come your way in January and for the rest of the year. These are particularly juicy if you work in publishing or anything to do with communication as you are ruled by Mercury, who was the messenger of the gods. Multimedia and online endeavours go very well for you and you should see progress within the first week of the new year. This brings with it more money and perhaps even the chance to travel. You have earned it!

Happy New Year, Libra! Money matters are probably on your mind Libra, as they have been for several years now. You have had Saturn causing you financial stress, and after January you can finally put much of this behind you. This is linked to your work and you will find that you have more opportunities this month and more money in the bank as a result. This year is also going to focus on your place in the world and where you see yourself in the long term. In January you get a taste of this as you may be thrown a curveball that is related to moving house or relocating for work, so with that in mind, you really need to put some time in and think through how you want this year to pan out. This is a fast paced month for you when you can make some real progress, but you need to be ready to make decisions quickly and keep things flexible at the same time. With that in mind say ‘yes’ to everything but make sure you also have a backup plan!

Happy New Year, Scorpio! As we move into 2018, money is on your mind. There could have been some stress in this area of your life in past years and you may have had to find different ways of doing things to cover all your bills. Now you get a break and an opportunity to make more money, but it comes with a catch. January offers you opportunities which may be lucrative, but they rely on hard work and a certain amount of sacrifice on your part. Money may come in many forms and it may not just be linked to money you earn. This could be about an inheritance, a tax issue, or something similar. It may be that you need to act as a go between in order to get money that is owed to you or a family member, and there is a sense from your chart that you are the catalyst for money flowing into your bank account. With that in mind, you need to keep your eyes open and pounce on any opportunities you see.

Happy New Year, Sagittarius! The new year sees Capricorn in your money zone and anyone who knows astrology knows that this brings with it a heavy energy. Money could be an issue for you in January and you may find that you are low on funds. Clients may not pay you on time, or there may be other reasons why you are feeling a little cash poor. If you want to pull yourself out of this then you will need to work for it and there will be opportunities for you to do so. January is overall a kind month to most signs and you will get your fair share of chances. It is just that you may need to make the most of these more than others in order to make up for the shortfall on your bank statements, so with that in mind, get ready to get moving when an opportunity comes your way.

Happy New Year, Capricorn! This year is all about your family and your family structure in particular. As we start January there is a sense that you could have been involved in some family strife. This could have been a fight with a relative over the festive period, but it is likely to go back further than that. You may have lost your sense of self within your family or you may have had to move far away from them in recent years, and this has caused a divide between you. Now, however, the two Supermoons in January bring this to a head and this is the time for you to heal some wounds. If you have turned your back on those close to you, then you need to mend some burned bridges and think about how happier you and they will be with them in your life. If this sounds like you, then don’t delay and make an effort to sort out tangled family relationships that have been plaguing you for some time. You will be glad you did!

Happy New Year, Aquarius! Do you want to make more money in 2018? Yes? Well then the journey all starts with you. This probably sounds obvious, but actually you are the one who needs to start putting in the work. There is a sense from your chart that money has stalled in your life over the past few years and this could be linked to the way you have handled making it. As an example, you may have turned down projects or jobs that could have been lucrative, because you thought they were not the right fit for you, or you had other things going on in your life. Now however you need to ask yourself what you really want and how far you are prepared to go if you want more financial security. This could be linked to going back to work after some time, or moving to a new company that will pay you more, but also offer you a more challenging role. Whatever it is, you make it happen this year so if you work hard anything is possible.

Happy New Year, Pisces! More than any other sign you perhaps have the opportunity to wipe the slate completely clean in January - if you want it that is. This is the start of a new month and year and with that you get the chance to start all over again. Over the past few years work could have been tough and you may have felt that you were spinning your wheels. Now you get the chance to move forward, but the direction is up to you. Just use all the knowledge you have accrued along the way. This month also brings with it lots of opportunity linked to your work and also long distance travel if you are interested in taking a trip. Again, how you make decisions about where you go and when will set the tone for the year ahead. You could also find that a court case comes to an end now and works out in your favour, or the favour of someone close to you, and this is yet another full stop or the end of a chapter. Almost anything is possible for the year ahead so use your imagination.  

And finally...

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Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.