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December 05, 2018

Aisyahscopes: December 2018

'Tis the season to be jolly. After a long and brutal year, December lightens the load significantly.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Hello Magdalene readers! We have now made it to the final month of 2018 and many of us are probably delighted that this year is almost over. It is fair to say that 2018 has been a long and brutal year, and since mid-summer there have been a number of retrograde planets in the heavens that have been slowing us down and making the work rather heavy going. Fortunately, December lightens the load significantly, and we can enjoy the end of year without feeling as if we are battling a series of unseen elements designed to slow us down. So enjoy the holiday season and get ready to take action once January 2019 rolls around! See you next year!
Here is how it is all going to go down:
7 December: New Moon in Sagittarius
This New Moon is one of the kindest of the year, but it could still ruffle a few feathers depending on your personal chart. Overall, however, what starts or is revealed now is for the best, so take note of the things or people who come into your life now, as they will be significant themes for much of December and the year ahead.
6 December: Mercury turns direct
It’s fair to say that no one really enjoys the Mercury Retrograde period, but the good news is that the Planet of Communication turns direct on 6 December and lightens the mood considerably. Wait a week or two, however, before buying any electronic items as Mercury will take some time to wake up. Still, things like travel delays should cease to be a problem and you can get back to full speed ahead.

22 December: Full Moon in Cancer
This Full Moon in Cancer is all about home and family and it comes right before the holidays, which are a time when we are often more focused on our home life and loved ones anyway. This Moon could give you some clarity on a thorny relationship issue with a family member which has dragged on for quite some time now and could help you find peace before the end of the year.
And now for a look at each individual sign…
This will be a very special month for you, Aries, as you have the Sun in your Ninth House that rules foreigners and foreign connections and means that there is also a high chance you will travel now and in the new year. If you get the chance to go overseas or even travel in your hometown or region, then you should take it, Sagittarius, as it is likely to be an enriching experience. There is also a strong sign of travel in your chart in 2019, as you have Jupiter in Sagittarius as well, which means that foreign connections are a big theme for the year ahead. This could also apply to your love life and you may end up getting close to someone from another culture. One word of caution for the month of December, however, Aries, is that you need to guard against jealousy as this may cause some negative behaviors in you and see you doing something like snooping on a partner online. 
The Sun is now in your Eighth House of Introspection, Taurus, and that means that you are likely to turn inwards for much of December. This has been a long and brutal year for many of you and now you get the chance to think about what you want. Perhaps you haven’t thought about this for some time, and now the universe offers up the chance for you to do just that. It could be that you want to eschew the usual parties and events this year in favor of staying at home. If that’s how you feel then do it – you need the rest and the time to reflect. It could also be that you have relationship issues on your mind, and January will bring with it the chance for you to make a decision about an existing relationship, or one about your relationship future if you are single.
The Sun is in your Seventh House of Committed Partnerships this month, Gemini, and this will mean that you spend much of December getting closer to a partner. It could be that you get engaged or decide to move in with a special someone now, and if you are single you may meet someone who goes on to be very dear to you in the future. Either way, this is a time when the power of two will be strong and this applies to other kinds of relationships, including your working relationships, so it may be that you get closer to a work colleague or decide to open a business together or similar. Just keep any decisions light for now and get ready to sign any paper in January 2019 when the energy will be a little more conducive for making things official.
You have the Sun in your Sixth House of Health this month, Cancer, which means that you could be at odds with the holiday season. If you go to parties and events then you might want to indulge, but to do so would be unwise, as the heavens are cracking the whip and asking you to focus on your health and wellness. At the start of the year, you may have made a commitment to take care of your health by signing up to a gym or something similar, but it would be no surprise if this has fallen by the wayside and is now causing you some issues. The good news is that you can still do something about it, so lace up those running shoes and get going before the year is out, Cancer! The heavens are cheering you on. In relationship news...a big decision is coming in relation to your romantic future in January, but for now think everything through before you act.
For much of the month of December you will have the Sun in your Fifth House of True Love, Leo. which means that you may be more focused on the relationships around you. There are changes coming for you and all signs next year, but you more than most may have a big decision coming about where you want to live, work and prosper. You will see some glimpses of the way forward in December, but know that you will need until at least March or April for things to come together. As such, spend this month thinking through the various options that you have in front of you and weigh up which relationships in your life are going to go the distance. These will be an integral part of 2019 and will help you make some big moves that will see you on a much more satisfying path. With that in mind, December is a time to enjoy yourself and acts as a dress rehearsal for the new year ahead.
As we move through December you have the Sun in your Fourth House of Home and Family, Virgo. This means that you are likely to spend much of the month thinking about where you want to live and your place in the world generally. If you have been at odds with a family member, then you may still be dwelling on the best way to put your differences behind you. The good news now however is that December is a much kinder month than November, and you may be able to make a few breakthroughs now, or at least think about how you want to move forward with your home and family in the new year. Then when 2019 rolls around, you could find that you are ready to leap on any opportunities to move, rent or buy property that come out of the blue!
This month finds the Sun in your Third House of Communication which means that the gloves could well and truly come off now, Libra. Usually you are a sweet and diplomatic sign, but now you may start hitting people with a few truth bombs and they may not know quite how to handle this. If that is the case, then you need to ask yourself if they really need to feel the full force of your candor now, or if you could dial it down a notch. It could also be that if you work in a field like writing or publishing that you are in high demand this month and that people want to work with you and harness the power of your voice. If you want to launch a podcast, website or similar then this is also an excellent month for you to do it. When it comes to your love life you may find that you have some relationship issues to untangle this month that will require you to get talking, but just make sure you don’t hurt your partner’s feelings by being too blunt now!
It is all about money for you now, Scorpio, as you have the Sun in your Second House of Finance for much of the month of December. It seems as if money matters have been on your mind for much of the year, but now you could get a little financial luck from the heavens if you are patient. Acorns you planted some time ago could come good, such as a savings or pension plan, or you could get some other kind of windfall at just the right time. It could also be that your relationships with others have been tested lately due to money troubles, and the good news is that this is likely to ease. But, on the flipside, December is also a month when relationship issues could continue to make waves, particularly if you have some kind of relationship in your life which is hidden from others. Be careful with that now, Scorpio, it could all come to light in 2019 if you are not disciplined.
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! What a joyous time of year this is for you! Not only is it your Solar Return, but we also have Jupiter moving into your sign, where it will stay until this time next year. This means that you will be blessed as the celestial favorite and that you will get to see a whole new level of success in your life across the board. As you are the sign that rules travel, it could be that you get to travel far and wide in 2019, or that you relocate overseas or similar. Your love life could also be linked to travel if you are single and you could meet someone from a different country to you or with a different accent who is very significant in your life throughout 2019. If you are already in a relationship then 2019 could bring a change of scene through your partner, such as a job transfer, or you could make a commitment to each other such as a marriage or similar. Perhaps a destination wedding could even be on the cards.
The Sun is in your Twelfth House of Introspection for much of December, Capricorn, and this means that you may want to drift away beneath the surface and give some of the holiday parties and events a miss this year. There is a real sense from your chart that you are interested in looking inwards now and December will give you the time and space to reflect on your goals for 2019. This is also a rather sexy time in your life if you are coupled and you may get closer to your partner, but just watch out for obsession and jealousy now. If you are single, then you could meet someone out of the blue who has a kind of deep soulmate quality about them. Either way, your love life will heat up now which pairs well with your desire to stay at home, Capricorn!
For much of December you will have the Sun in your Eleventh House of Groups, Aquarius, and this also happens to be your ruling house. This means that you have a time of housekeeping ahead of you in December, Aquarius, and this will be a good thing as it will clear the decks for you to proceed in 2019. The issue now is that you are likely to be surrounded by friends, family, groups and lovers, and, yet, some of these people could be clashing or causing tension in your world. This could apply to work colleagues or other groups like band mates, but either way you need to sort out all of these tricky relationships, so that you know who stands where and where you stand with them. If the lines have been blurred with some individuals, then now is the time for you to put some of the boundaries back in – in the nicest way possible of course.
We have the Sun in your Tenth House of Ambition now, Pisces, and not a moment too soon. For much of 2018 you may have felt as if you were wading through treacle with regards to your career and if that is the case then the good news is that you will now start to slowly enjoy the fruits of your labors. By 2019, your work life and “success” will have truly started to blossom, but for now you will start to see a slow uptick in your work life, which could bring with it more money and more publicity. If you work for yourself, as many Pisces do, then you may find that you pick up some lucrative clients or opportunities now that play out well in the year ahead. With that in mind, there is much for you to look forward to in December and into the new year, Pisces.
Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.