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June 02, 2017

Aisyah Scopes: June 2017

This month, expect some cosmic luck, particularly in the beginning of the month.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Welcome to June, Magdalene readers! Here we go again for another month that will be overwhelmingly positive, with a few rumbles along the way. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to navigate the inevitable bumps in the road – that’s why we use astrology!

Let’s look at June overall...
3rd June: The luckiest day of the month!
The luckiest day of the month will be 3rd June when Jupiter is in the mix in a beautiful aspect with the Sun. Basically Jupiter brings good luck and even miracles, and he asks for little in return. Still, whatever part of your life needs a little luck, make sure to focus on it on this day. If you want to find love then get out and meet people, a special someone could come into your life now. If you want things to move forward with a potential partner then pencil in this day to have a talk about getting serious. With generous Jupiter shining down we are all being gifted some cosmic luck. Make sure to use it wisely!
9th June: Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon comes on June 9, and it will be a tricky one. Full moons usually mean completions and this one is in an opposition with the Sun in Gemini. The sign of the Twins also happens to be the sign of Donald Trump and Mike Pence and the Full Moon is shining a light on some big secrets. Expect more revelations to come out and this applies equally to your personal life. Secrets you have been hiding or those close to you may come to the fore, but it will be healing and will help to lay some demons to rest.
14th-15th of June: Saturn in hard aspect with the Sun
This is the hardest part of the month of June. Saturn is in a tough aspect with the Sun, bringing with it mistakes and a slow, weighty energy. Don’t plan anything important at this time, like signing a contract on a new house or starting a new job. Your judgment is clouded and you need to wait until it lifts. Wait until after June 23  to sign on the dotted line or make big decisions about your life.
23rd June: New Moon in Cancer
New Moons are fresh starts and in Cancer this will be a nurturing time, which is a good moment to turn towards those closest to you. Cancer rules maternal figures, so this is a good day to visit a female figure like a mother and spend some time with family. It’s also a time to start any new projects you have in mind, and you will get an extra boost of luck if these involve female figures around you.
And now for a look at your monthly forecast by sign...

June is a busy month for you, Aries, which suits your restless, fiery nature. There is a lot going on in your chart and one area lit up in early June is travel, so this is a great time to take a trip and clear some of the cobwebs away. You will be working hard this month but also making great progress. The harder you work the more you will see rewards, so make sure not to get complacent. Writing, publishing, editing, and the way you communicate with people through email or social media are all highlighted in your chart and this is where you will see the most progress. Mid-month you may get some news that you were not expecting and that knocks your confidence for a few days, but work through it and focus on all the positive things in your life. Continue to reach out and you will find lots of opportunities coming your way by August.
Taurus is the sign that loves money the most. Not necessarily in a greedy way- simply it makes you feel more secure. In the first half of the year, Mars was tearing through your house of spending and you may have felt like you were always playing catch up trying to stay on top of the bills. This changes now and you will be able to consolidate your earnings. Work hard, especially if you work in publishing, broadcasting, writing, marketing, sales, or even social media. Speak up and pitch for projects as there is a good chance you will get what you desire. Ask for a raise and promote yourself more enthusiastically than you would usually. Good things are coming on the work and money front, but you need to push to get them. Around the Full Moon on June 9, you may get a big bill or some negative news financially. Work hard at the beginning of the month to get some savings together to cover any eventuality. Keep going, as what starts now will consolidate in August and you could see some serious money rolling in. It’s about time!
Happy birthday Gemini! The Sun is now in your sign and it’s giving you a great boost to move forward. Gemini is ruled by chatty Mercury, which has been retrograde for a while causing you to feel sluggish. Now you will be back on top form and the New Moon in Gemini on May 25 probably brought some good news your way. Build on this throughout the rest of the year. Also look out for love around 3rd June. There are some great aspects in your chart like Venus in Aries in your house of social events so you might meet someone at a party who becomes significant in your life. The Full Moon on June 9 throws things into disarray slightly and a secret may be revealed about someone close to you and you may lose trust in someone in your life. If you feel that this person is holding you back then by all means move on. Then get back out and mingle at the end of the month, it will only bring good things.

Mars is finally in Cancer which hasn’t happened for the last two years and it gives you a huge rush of energy in June. If you have been in a new relationship but haven’t had the confidence to move forward, then now is the time to do it. Plan a conversation with someone close to you on June 3 and you could see your dreams of marriage or a committed relationship coming true. If you are coupled up and have been thinking about having children then, now is the perfect moment to talk about it with your significant other. On the work front you will also make great strides thanks to the energy of Mars, and you can set goals now that will come to fruition in the coming months. Just watch out for the period around June 9 to the 15 when some hard aspects make all signs have a little wobble. You can deal with anything that comes your way but it is not a good moment to make decisions so sit this time out and rest and recharge.


June starts off with a bang for you, Leo, and you will be attracted to social events and parties. You have probably been working hard recently and now is the time to take a holiday to relax and refresh. This means that you can come back more creative and fired up than before and you may get a promotion or win a big new client if you work for yourself. Schedule a trip, even if it’s somewhere close by. Avoid the difficult aspects of June 14-15 by lying low and don’t plan anything important now like a party, date, or meeting. This will be a great month for you when you get a lot of personal pleasure from those around you; just make sure to get some rest in between the parties and the meet ups so you don’t feel burned out.


June starts with a kick in your house of career so this is a good time to buckle down and work hard. You might see fame coming your way, whether it’s a post that goes viral on social media or just getting more recognition for your efforts at work. Speak up if you want a promotion or if you think you can handle more responsibility in your role. Something that starts in your career now could be one that lasts for several years so make sure to get on top of any developments and keep pushing. The middle of June is tricky for all signs, so get things in writing either at the beginning or end of the month. Use the time from June 7 to 17 to rest and recharge, and don’t doubt yourself. If something seems to throw a spanner in the works mid-month, then take a deep breath and work through it. There is nothing you can’t handle.


June will be a mixed bag for you, Libra. It’s about picking the right moment to move forward and also knowing when to ease off and rest. The beginning of June is the luckiest time of the month and if you have been feeling tired lately you can shake this off and make some good progress in your career. Jupiter is still in your sign and you are the heavenly favorite all the way until October, so you need to capitalize on that. One thing to mention is that Jupiter has been retrograde and not at full power, but this changes on the 9th, and you will get a clue close to this time about a big opportunity coming your way. You must use this to your advantage and move quickly. Also, around 9th June, however, you may find communication difficult and an argument could escalate. Often astrology brings good and bad with it around the same time, and you need to keep your head as your navigate through this. Pursue what is positive and let go of anything negative is the best possible advice for this time.


It’s all about money and travel for you this month, Scorpio. June will be up and down but the rewards far outweigh the pitfalls. By the end of the month all will be well with you and you can look back on June and see the progress that you made. It also looks like you will get a windfall in June which could come from various sources. Whatever it is should be quite a sizeable amount of money although the challenging Full Moon on 9th June could see you spending as much as you earn. The key here is to consolidate as much money as you can at the beginning of the month when the stars are favorable and then use this as a liquid cushion to ride out the rest of June.


Relationships or shared partnerships of all kinds like work alliances are in focus for you this month and things will go up and down throughout June. You will get the chance to form some strong relationships that could bring you financial success or lasting love, but the flipside of this is that you may have to cut other alliances from your life that are holding you back. With the Full Moon on June 9, you may find that you uncover a negative detail about someone close to you which makes you question if you still want them around. On the other side of the coin 3rd of June brings some great celestial luck your way and you may meet someone significant who will be by your side for years to come. Throughout the month focus on those who add to your life and don’t be scared to step back from energy vampires who are draining your time and emotions.


Career will be the most important factor for you in June and it will be both positive and challenging. As the months starts you may see exciting projects coming your way which will give you a chance to show off your talents. Over the past few months you may have been working hard and now you will get to reap the rewards. If you want to ask for a raise or promotion then do so at the beginning of the month as the stars are shining on you now. One spot to look out for is the Full Moon on June 9. This will bring challenges for all signs and you may see someone close to you falling ill, particularly someone you work with, which could mean that you are saddled with extra work. Keep your head down during this time and by the end of the month things will stabilize and you can continue to build on all the progress you have made so far this year.


Relationships may have been rocky throughout 2017 and now things start to come together for you Aquarius. You may find that you are more in demand socially than you have been for a while and there will be parties to attend and meetings that bring with them some much needed breakthroughs. At the beginning of the month, say yes to all invitations that flow your way, as you could meet someone special who will go the distance with you over the coming years. Anyone you meet around June 3 will be significant in your life so get out and mingle – nothing will happen if you stay at home. Relationships may also get tricky around the Full Moon on 9th June and this usually implies female energy, so it may be a female friend or relative that reveals something to you that you weren’t expecting. Keep calm and face whatever you find out, by the end of the month you will be in a far better place in terms of relationships and will know who is worth your precious time.


June is up and down for everyone so don’t feel like you are being singled out. Everyone goes through the same challenges and upheavals throughout this month. The focus will be on your home life or it might be your actual home. Around 3rd of June is a good time to look for a new place or to decorate your current space. Spending time with family will bring you a lot of joy now and also leave you feeling refreshed and more creative than you have in a while. The Full Moon brings with it some tension and you may see something ending. You might get some bad news from a family member or you might see something you weren’t expecting in your career. This could be positive, such as a promotion, but there is likely to be some downside with it, such as having to relocate to a new office a little further away from your family. Saturn is in the mix and will make you face reality, but after you have confronted some hard decisions you will see that these have moved your life forward considerably and by the end of June you will be flying along.  

And finally...
It’s a myth that some signs are perfect for each other and others just can’t get along. The key is knowing how to communicate and astrology can help tell you everything you need to know about your partner’s personality. If you want a compatibility chart reading that will help you navigate through any relationship in your life then contact me at: [email protected] or find me on Twitter @AisyahScopes
Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.