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March 11, 2019

Aisyahscopes: March 2019

Welcome to the month of March. This month is a strange one, as it’s a time when nothing really works out quite as we had envisioned.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope

Hello Magdalene readers and welcome to the month of March! This month is a strange one, as it’s a time when nothing really works out quite as we had envisioned. From 5 to 28 March we have the Planet of Communication, Mercury, retrograde in the sign of Pisces, and this means that it is always a good time to have a plan B and a plan C. If you try to push too hard or swim against the tide with plans and projects, then it may be that you end up frustrated when nothing comes to fruition in the way you wanted it to. The key this month is to remember that there is always a silver lining, however, and you could find that this enforced slowdown in the heavens makes you rethink things and come up with a whole new plan moving forward. It’s exciting – if you can learn to roll with the punches in March...

Here’s how it will all go down…


6/7 March: Uranus in Taurus

This month a major shift takes place in the heavens as Uranus, the Planet of Surprises and Inventions, moves out of Fire sign Aries and into Earth sign Taurus, where it will stay until 2026. This means that most people have never felt this energy in their lifetime, as it takes 84 years for this planet to move to a new sign, and those of you born under the Sign of the Bull will feel as if the Earth is moving under your feet. For everyone else, this change will affect you in different ways and will also transform business and finance on a global scale.


20/21 March: Full Moon in Libra

Not only is there a Full Moon in Libra this month, but it’s also a powerful Supermoon. This is a very potent time of the year for all of us, and it is a good moment for you to focus on your plans for the future. It is also an ideal time for a spring clean of your life,  be it clearing out your closet or giving up unhealthy addictions like alcohol.

And now for a look at each individual sign...



This month you have the Sun in your Twelfth House which rules your subconscious and everything that lies beneath the surface for you, Aries. It could be that you have been hiding something for a long time, like an addiction or some classified information, and now this becomes a focus in your life. We have Uranus, the Planet of Surprises, bouncing around, and it could be that your secret is uncovered now. If that’s the case then it’s a whole new beginning or a new world for you and you would do well to adopt an open minded approach. This month is a real game changer for you, but you need to be positive about the changes that come your way now. As this is also the time of Mercury Retrograde, you may find that something you thought was over, like a relationship or a business agreement, suddenly rises from the dead again.



The Sun is in your Eleventh House of Groups this month, Taurus, and it is such an important time for group dynamics. How this plays out depends on your chart and your personal situation, but if you have had problems with discord within a key group in your life, then now is the time to start reflecting on the mess it has become. And letting go. It could also be that a group comes to your rescue this month in a big way, such as an NGO or similar. At the end of the day, this month boils down to you learning how to make group situations work to your advantage, but also knowing that nothing will run as smoothly as you hope either. So just do your best to great good relations with the people around you, as well as keeping an eye on your own best interests.



You have the Sun in your Tenth House of Work and Ambition now, Gemini, and that means that your career is front and center this month. As you power ahead, however, you may find that there are some setbacks as your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde for much of the month. Knowing this now, make sure you take care before firing off an email at work that may rile your colleagues, and also take care when talking to people on the phone or any other forms of communication. Your career is also on the rise however, but this is a time when it pays to plan rather than make any big moves. Do your homework now, and a work plan that you have been dwelling on for months could come to fruition in the coming months – and in ways you didn’t expect. The key is to be flexible and listen to the advice of others.



In the month of March you have the Sun in your Ninth House of Travel which means that this is your main mission in life. You could be travelling now, but if you do then remember that Mercury is retrograde, so double check your tickets and passport before you go to the airport. It could be that you experience travel delays this month, but if you work in a field that involves travel then this could also be where life sparkles for you. There is a sense that you will be feeling more inspired than usual and travel could broaden your mind, or you could have a creative breakthrough as the result of a trip somewhere new. This is the ideal time for you to get some ideas down on paper, but save any firm plans for next month when the focus is a little clearer, Cancer.



This month you have the Sun in your Eighth House of Other People’s Money, Leo, and this means that you could find that this area gets a little tricky for you. Someone could come to you asking for a loan or for financial help, and you may feel as if you can’t refuse. If you are in a position to help, then you would do well to do so - for you never know when you may also need some financial assistance or other help one day soon. It could also be that you have a debt or bill to pay off this month that comes out of the blue. If you didn’t plan for this expense then you may feel a little panicked, but it is also a lesson in saving for a rainy day when you can. This is also a good month for you to do a little work on yourself, such as meditation or similar, which is also ruled by the Eighth House, and you may find you release a few demons before March comes to an end.



Partnerships are highlighted for you this month, Virgo, as you have the Sun in your Seventh House of Collaborations. This could mean that you have issues with a spouse or anyone you are in a committed relationship with, be it a romantic or a work one. There could be some crossed wires for you now, and with your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde, it could be that you say something you regret in haste. There may also be the chance of a secret coming to light now, and there is a lot of unexpected energy in the heavens with Uranus bouncing around, so you need to think on your feet and see where life takes your relationships this month. There is nothing to fear here, and all the changes that come will be for the better. If you are in a committed partnership for example, then now is the time when a surprise like a trip could bring you closer.



This month you have the Sun in your Sixth House of Wellness, Libra, and this is the ideal moment for you to overhaul certain parts if your life if you need to. It could be that you have been struggling with an addiction, or that you have had issues with something else such as a niggling health issue which you really need to deal with head on. Fortunately the stars have your back now and you will be able to look within and deal with whatever part of your life has started to get a little bit off track in recent months or years. The road to wellness starts now, and this could also be related to switching up your daily routine to make it work for you in a much better and more streamlined way. Whatever you choose to do this month, make yourself and your wellbeing a priority. You won’t regret it. 



The Sun this month is in your Fifth House of True Love, Scorpio, and this is where things could get a little heated or confused. A romantic relationship in your life could now be set to change, and how you handle this will determine how things move forward. If change is inevitable then there is no use in kicking against it, and this is also a good time to look at what you want in life and how you are going to achieve it. Wellness is also highlighted this month and this is as much about self-love and self-care as it is about the love you get from other people. It could be that you get the chance to change your lifestyle now or heal your mind and body in some other way, and if that happens then you need to embrace change when it comes to you. This is the start of something or someone truly great, Scorpio.



This month you have the Sun in your Fourth House of Family and so this is where you will need to focus your attention and really do the work. It could be that family relationships have been an issue for you for some time, and if these have been thrown into disarray then now is the time for you to get them back on track. Great healing is also possible now when it comes to you and your family members or your home in general. As Mercury is retrograde for much of the month however, you would do well to avoid home repairs or moving house. Don’t sign any papers as you could find that your new dwelling comes with a whole host of issues that you didn’t anticipate. So hold off on any major upgrades for now and instead focus on planning.



You have the Sun in your Third House of Communication this month which is a little tricky as the Planet of Communication, Mercury, is also retrograde. This leads to a situation where you may feel as if you have a lot to say, but when you could also end up saying far too much at the wrong time. Knowing this in advance (which is why we use astrology in the first place!) you may want to try taking a deep breath before sending an angry email, or engaging in a texting session that leads to an argument. If you work in a field that requires a lot of communication such as publishing or sales, then you will find that you have a number of creative ideas about how you want your voice to be heard, but you need to think these through before launching something new like a podcast or similar.



Throughout March you have the Sun in your Second House of Finance and there is also a very unexpected energy in the air due to Uranus changing signs. With that in mind, if you put the two together, then it may be that you are hit with an unexpected bill this month or a tax issue that you didn’t see coming. On the flipside however, it could also be that surprises come up around money in a positive way, and you could think up an innovative way to make and save more than you have in quite some time. As Mercury is retrograde however, it may be that this money making scheme needs some time to get off the ground, so if you want to try and launch a new business or similar then plan everything now and wait until April to make a splash.



It is all about you this month, Pisces, as you have the Sun in your First House of Image and it is also your birthday month! This puts you front and center in the heavens, although Mercury is also retrograde in the sign of Pisces which means that you could feel a little out of sorts this month as well. Really the key now is to understand that March is all about you looking inwards, so it’s the perfect time for you to do something like journal or meditate and take the time to think about yourself and what you want in life right now. There could also be some surprises about your image, such as a rebrand of your social media or similar, so look for new ways to be heard or read this month. It’s an exciting time if you can learn to surf the tides of change, but as a Pisces this is what you were born to do!

Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.