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September 05, 2017

Aisyahscopes: September 2017

September is one of the happiest months of 2017, though there will still be a few little bumps to watch out for.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
We meet again Magdalene readers for your September forecast! This is a beautiful month and we really need it! August was rocky with the Total Solar Eclipse and tempers flared. I told you that we would see lots of changes in the Trump administration and electrical storms would whip up problems. Unfortunately this was exactly right as the world was lashed by several storms and widespread flooding, not to mention the revolving door of resignations in the White House. Communication also went awry as a result of Mercury Retrograde, but now we get a little calm.

September is one of the happiest months of 2017 but there will be a few little bumps to watch out for (which happens every month). Don’t worry, astrology is there to show us how to navigate these. If you didn’t feel any celestial luck coming your way in August then it will work out in September, as the effects of an eclipse can last up to a month after it hits. So...get ready for a much smoother ride as we move into September and get ready to make some moves. It’s time to get back on track...it’s going to be a good month!
Here are some dates to watch out for...

5th September – Mercury goes direct
Mercury, planet of communication and technology, goes direct meaning that everything stops being hit by delays. Wait however for a few days before you buy electronic appliances or make big changes. Why? Mercury is still in the shadow period and Neptune is conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces. There is still a foggy feeling around and we won’t see the bigger picture. Leave big decisions until the middle or end of September.

19th September – New Moon in Virgo
We have a nice New Moon now in Virgo which brings opportunity to all of us. You could get a windfall at this time or hear good news regarding a partner. If you put in a job application then now might be a time when you get positive news. Highlight this day to also put your best foot forward and start something new. Virgo rules health so this is a great time to begin a new diet or exercise regime.

28th September – Uranus opposition Jupiter
This is a bumpy day when Uranus, planet of surprises, clashes with Jupiter which rules global endeavours. Circle this date in your diary as we are likely to see some rash moves by top leaders and surprises related to higher learning, travel and spirituality. These will all be challenged now and people will tend to speak without thinking. Make sure that this isn’t you by watching what you say!
And now for a look at each individual sign...

It might seem like this is a slightly heavy month for you Virgo but the truth is that you will leave September feeling better than you have in a long time. But there will be some issues to deal with along the way. Your chart is all about marriage, partnerships, relationships, and money. Basically about a person that you share a bond with who is also linked to you in a financial way. You need to look at this relationship now and see if you want to make changes. This links to shared property you may have and any loans like a mortgage. There is a sense you have been ignoring things and you can’t do that anymore. September is a month to fix your finances and how these affect your relationships. It is also a fabulous time to ask for funding if you have been a little cash poor lately so speak up! You have control over where this goes.

It is all about your health now Libra. You need to take this seriously if you haven’t done so already. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong, but it does also mean you could end the month feeling a million times better than you started it. If you have had any niggling issues then get a check up at the doctor. But be aware that Mercury can still scramble things so tests may not be conclusive until later in the month. If you feel fine but want to up your game then this is the perfect time to start a healthy eating plan or join a gym. It could also be as easy as adjusting your routine if you have been feeling sluggish after too many late nights. One more thing: you are still the celestial favourite as you have Jupiter in your chart until the 10th of October, so use this throughout September! Whatever you want, such as career goals, health aspirations, or a love connection, then go for it. The stars are shining down on you!

Uranus and Jupiter are in the mix around the 28th of September and this is about transformation and lucky breaks. If you have been bogged down over the past few months, then now things start to work themselves out. If anything, you are blessed with almost too many options so you need to keep your head this month. Follow up all and any leads you get when it comes to creative projects or job offers, but also make sure that you are discerning in your choices. You don’t have to say “yes” to everything that comes your way if it is not the right fit. The month starts off with some possible offers around the 3rd and 4th of September and then a slow burn after that, which will give you a little time to reflect. By the time Jupiter, the planet of good luck, moves into your sign in October, you will be amazed at the offers on the table.

You have a good month coming Sagittarius. Your star is on the rise and money is highlighted for you. There is an issue however of how you carve this up. Money may need to be divided between several people and you may be called upon to help with this. As a famously fair sign, this should be easy for you and the more you work to make sure that others get their share of the profits, the more you will also receive. Work will come good for you this month and you will get opportunities or offers that will continue to be lucrative down the road. There is also a sense that anything you started around the Total Solar Eclipse now comes back to you and all will be revealed. Make the most of September as you could get a lot done, provided you chase up all the leads that are presented to you.

You may have felt a little stuck lately, which we can blame on Mercury Retrograde. Now this changes on the 5th of September when the planet goes direct. This is positive but it also brings with it decisions around your home, business, and possessions. You may have planted seeds in July regarding your career that did not come to much. This could have been because you made a minor mistake with your plans. Now you get the chance to go back and look over everything again. And you get the opportunity to make a correction if you accidentally veered off course. Take it now. If you wanted to get ahead with moving, acquiring more wealth, working on a new business or progressing at work, then September is a month when you could make great progress...if you can figure out what went wrong in the past.

Money is highlighted for you now Aquarius. You may have noticed signs of this around the Total Solar Eclipse in August. Money may have come in or gone out. You may have also found that you met someone who could help you become more financially independent. If that hasn’t happened yet, then it will continue to work out during September. There is a feeling now that you need to get a grip on your finances but this will leave you in a more secure position. Avoid any time around the 5th of September to make any decisions however. Neptune is rubbing up against the Full Moon and it will obscure some facts. If you get an offer around that time then keep things flexible but try to avoid signing anything until the weather is a little clearer. All in all, however, you will end September on a much better financial footing than you started it.

You will benefit in September from the Total Solar Eclipse that we saw in August. Something that started around that time comes back and it will be lucrative. It could be something like a job offer but one which is closely related to your image. Your picture or your branding and logo could feature heavily in September which will promote both you and your business further. This could be on television or social media or a big new client could pop up out of nowhere around the 3rd or the 4th of September. Another issue now is health. If you have struggled with a chronic health complaint then you may find that you now get the answers you have been searching for, or you finally get the right treatment for something that ails you. It is a good month where things come to a sense of completion and work out just as they should.

It’s clear that 2017 has been bumpy for Aries. Struggles with identity and your place in the world have loomed large throughout the year. Now you get more of a break. You may have planted seeds in August which have already paid off. You may have been accepted to a new project or a creative endeavour. If that hasn’t happened yet, then don’t worry, it will come in September. Look out for the 3rd and the 4th of September as dates when you could get some good news. This could be a job offer that takes you to a new location and it’s exciting! There is also a sense that you have had some issues with a partner in your life and now this comes good. Love will be in the focus and if you have been arguing with those close to you, then things will be so much smoother from now on. Single? This could be the month that you meet someone who goes on to become very significant in your life.

Career was highlighted for you last month Taurus, but you might not have felt much joy. This was because of pesky Mercury Retrograde which slowed down so many opportunities for you. There could have been some breakthroughs but if not, then this could be your lucky month. If you struggled to get people to reply to your emails then suddenly your inbox will be full. Keep pushing and working throughout September. Follow up on anything that you worked on in August that wasn’t resolved and get ready to see the fruits of your labours now. The beginning of the month is highlighted in your chart as a time when you will see progress, and this continues to slowly unfold when Mercury goes direct on the 5th of September. You have probably been frustrated over the past few months but don’t worry. Taurus is blessed with a huge amount of patience but now the waiting will finally be over.

Minerva (which is an asteroid not a planet) will move into Sagittarius this month which is your opposite sign. This points to people who are opposite to you, but that could mean a partner or a colleague. Minerva is associated with wisdom and is usually presented by an owl figure, and it wouldn’t be surprising if you start to notice owl motifs and symbols around you this month. Pay attention to these if so. As the symbol of wisdom, Minerva could provide you with a mentor figure or simply someone to help you figure out any issues with those around you. Now is the moment to sort out any relationships that may have become tangled and with Mercury going direct on the 5th of September, everything will be easier and communication will be so much more straightforward.

Libra and Leo are jumping about in your chart and lighting the way when it comes to finance and career for you Cancer. This is the month when you could do very well when it comes to career and the money will come rolling in. There is a real sense that you could end the month on a much better note that you started it but you will also have to work for it. This is particularly true if you own your own business or if you work in a job that involves the written word, editing, publishing or coding. These areas could be slightly tangled, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, but the planet will go direct on the 5th of September and everything kicks into high gear. Travel to an unusual location is also highlighted for you and this could bring work opportunities your way or you could score a new lucrative client. This is a good month so work hard!

In September it will be all about your family and relationships Leo. You have had a sluggish time of late, as Mercury was retrograde, which never sits well with your energetic sign. Now this begins to work itself out and you will feel more confident about moving forward. You could get some good news about a family member, particularly a younger one or if you have been trying to get pregnant then this is the moment when it could happen for you. There is also a link here to money in your chart. If you have children then if could be about making more money to provide for them and opportunities to do this could come your way. If you are single then this is about your career and your ability to make more money for yourself. This was stuck in August but now you will reap the rewards of any projects you started from July onwards.

And finally...

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