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Pope 2 Thumbnail, Magdalene
Pope Benedict XVI: A Man Who Leaves Legacy and Controversy

Benedict XVI leaves behind a complex legacy as a Pope and theologian.

by Mathew Schmalz January 2, 2023
6 Ways to Reduce Loneliness This Christmas from a Psychologist

If you are worried about spending Christmas alone why not try some of these tips.

by Nilufar Ahmed December 21, 2022
When, How and Why Do Kids Lie?

There is science behind when, how, and why kids do lie. Plotting? Or just playing?

by Gadda Salhab December 16, 2022
Kekerasan Online Cyber Digital KBGO_KarinaTungari
What Young People Think About Social Media, Big Tech and Adult ‘Overreacting'

Don’t say ‘just don’t go online’ because adults wouldn’t do that if something happened in the real world. If you got followed home, it’s not like [they would say]: “Hey, stop leaving the house.”

by Emily Setty December 15, 2022
Working One Day A Week In Person Might Be the Key to Happier Employees

One day of work per week? Not only happier but it will give more productive employees.

by Sam Andrey, Cory Searcy, dan Patrick Neumann December 9, 2022
The Buddhist and Taoist Influences That Underpin the Star Wars Universe

Some claim that it was the Jedi’s strict philosophical doctrines that caused Anakin’s surrender to the dark side. From a Buddhist perspective, however, the Jedi were correct.

by Lee Clarke December 9, 2022
Binge-Eating Disorder is More Common than Many Realise

Many people with binge-eating disorder don’t even realise they have it, meaning they don’t receive a diagnosis until their 30s or 40s.

by Paul Jenkins December 9, 2022
'Face-ism’: Extreme Tendency to Judge People based on the Facial Features

Some of us have a disposition to draw drastic conclusions about the traits and personalities of others based solely on facial appearance.

by Paddy Ross December 6, 2022
In Bali, Fishers Shift to Solar-Powered Boats, but Challenges Remain

Exposure to fuel has long posed health risks to fishermen, but in Bali a greener option has also brought economic benefits. Still, challenges remain to scale up the initiative.

by Aurelia Gracia & Vania Evan December 2, 2022
Perang Nuklir
I Visited Nuclear Shelters to See How Cities Could Prepare for Nuclear War

My research on civil defence for nuclear war led me to explore how central European cities are preparing.

by Jack L. Rozdilsky December 2, 2022