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The Buddhist and Taoist Influences That Underpin the Star Wars Universe

Some claim that it was the Jedi’s strict philosophical doctrines that caused Anakin’s surrender to the dark side. From a Buddhist perspective, however, the Jedi were correct.

by Lee Clarke December 9, 2022
Binge-Eating Disorder is More Common than Many Realise

Many people with binge-eating disorder don’t even realise they have it, meaning they don’t receive a diagnosis until their 30s or 40s.

by Paul Jenkins December 9, 2022
'Face-ism’: Extreme Tendency to Judge People based on the Facial Features

Some of us have a disposition to draw drastic conclusions about the traits and personalities of others based solely on facial appearance.

by Paddy Ross December 6, 2022
In Bali, Fishers Shift to Solar-Powered Boats, but Challenges Remain

Exposure to fuel has long posed health risks to fishermen, but in Bali a greener option has also brought economic benefits. Still, challenges remain to scale up the initiative.

by Aurelia Gracia & Vania Evan December 2, 2022
Perang Nuklir
I Visited Nuclear Shelters to See How Cities Could Prepare for Nuclear War

My research on civil defence for nuclear war led me to explore how central European cities are preparing.

by Jack L. Rozdilsky December 2, 2022
After a Year of Taliban Government, Women are More Oppressed than Ever

Amid all this, an increase of suicides among Afghanistan women has been reported.

by Hind Elhinnawy December 1, 2022
Qatar’s Death Row and the Invisible Migrant Workforce

As Qatar moves into the spotlight as the host of the FIFA World Cup, so too, should its human rights record. Chaudhary is just one of an invisible migrant workforce who are deemed unworthy of due process.

by Jocelyn Hutton, Carolyn Hoyle, and Lucy Harry November 30, 2022
The Qatar World Cup Is Beaming Misogyny Around the World

With discrimination against women enshrined in Qatari law, misogyny is being beamed through televisions internationally, via the means of the 2022 men’s football World Cup.

by Sophie King-Hill November 28, 2022
Menjadi Ally untuk Komunitas Transgender
Achieving Healthcare Rights For Trans and Nonbinary People Is A Must

Achieving equity in global health requires addressing the root sources of inequity. Including trans people in health care policies and practices can help reduce disparities.

by Reya Farber November 22, 2022
Become Abuser_Toxic_Abusive_Relationship_SarahArifin
After Dark (Story of Hope)

After many apologies and promises to be better, will she be able to walk out on him and leave everything behind?

by Tasya Taranusyura November 22, 2022