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May 06, 2019

Aisyahscopes: May 2019

May the fourth be with you when the New Moon is in Taurus and opens up a 10-day window of opportunity for all signs.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope

Hello Magdalene readers! Is May going to be a “good” month? This is a question that people often ask about the stars, but actually there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” in astrology! The “good” news, however, is that May has a whole load of good aspects that are going to be coming our way, so there is a lot to look forward to. When things get a little more tricky, astrologically speaking, astrology is also there to guide you on the right path, so there is never anything to fear about what the heavens are dishing up for us! So enjoy the month of May!

Here’s how it is all going to go down:

May 4: New Moon in Taurus

One of the most important astrological moments of the month will be May 4 when we will have a New Moon in Taurus. This powerful New Moon which is in an earthy and grounded sign will open up a 10-day window of opportunity for all signs, so it is a good time for you to get moving on plans or project. Anything you start now, such as relationships or new commitments will have an excellent chance of success and will come to fruition by November 2019.

May 18: Full Moon in Scorpio

At the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio we may see relationships getting serious or paying off in some way, so some readers may find that they get an offer out of the blue, such as a marriage proposal or similar. This is also a slightly edgy time, however, as Scorpio is a very introspective sign, so for some of you, this may mean that you will be looking deep within to find answers to an issue that has plagued you for some time. Fortunately, they should be within easy reach, thanks to the illumination offered by the Full Moon.

And now for a look at each individual sign…


Happy Birthday, Taurus! This is your birthday month so the spotlight is firmly on you, especially at the time of the New Moon in Taurus on May 4. This is like your own personal New Year and you also have to contend with Uranus in Taurus which means that you are going to be a whole new Bull in the coming years. In May you get the chance to experiment with who you are and this means that you need to think about what you want to happen in the year ahead. This is linked to how you are heard or how you present yourself, so perhaps a makeover is on the card. When it comes to romance this month you could get some surprises in love, particularly at the time of the Scorpio Full Moon, so if you have had the urge to merge for some time, then it could happen following this powerful lunation. A commitment could come out of the blue or you could meet someone who goes on to be very important to you! It’s a great month!


This month you have the Sun in your Twelfth House, Gemini, and this is known as the house of rest and healing. As such, you could feel a little sleepier than usual and you certainly won’t be as chatting or outgoing as you are usually. If you want to get away from it all then taking a trip around the Taurus New Moon on 4 May could be just what the doctor ordered, or you may find that the Scorpio Full Moon on 18 May is also a good time for you to travel. If you can’t pack your bags and leave, then you may decide that you want to travel in the mind, so maybe meditation or similar is a good choice now. Pay more attention to the soul stuff now, like your dreams which could seem more like premonitions or prophecies than usual. You are an intellectual sign, so you often forget to trust your gut instinct, but now is the ideal time for you to do just that Gemini. You also need to remember that the Twelfth House rules endings, so it may be that you put something to rest now for good now, Gemini. It’s a great time of healing for you.


Throughout much of the month of May you have the Sun in your Eleventh House of groups, Cancer, which is all about your social networks and your friends. There is a lot of “people-power” possible now if you want it, so you need to reach out to those who can help you in group situations. This could be about taking the next step if you are in something like a band, or it could be that you recognize the power in co-working or similar. There is also a strong sense from your chart, however, that this is a time, or a month, of closure for you and you need to work on letting go of some demons from the past. The powerful Full Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on May 18 is the ideal moment for you to do just that, and there is some great healing work to be done this month if you can dig deep. This Full Moon also adds a shot of adrenaline to your relationships, so you could get closer to someone at this time—just watch out for fireworks at the same time!


You have the Sun in your Tenth House, Leo. That’s the house that rules ambition and prestige. As such, your work life could be on fire, especially around the time of the New Moon on May 4, which kickstarts some work-related goals and means that you will get the chance to aim for something like a promotion or similar. If you have been planting seeds throughout the year in terms of your work life, then the time around the Full Moon on May 18 could kick start a new job path or you may be offered a raise. It looks as if this may come out of the blue, but you would do well to embrace it in the days following this powerful Full Moon. Your love life heats up this month, particularly if you are in a cross-cultural relationship, or if you get the chance to travel with your partner. This is the gateway to love, so if you can plan a trip then you would be wise to do so as it will only bring you closer together. If you’re single, then you could also meet someone from another country or nationality.


If you feel as if you want to get away this month, Virgo, then it’s little wonder as you have the Sun in your Ninth House of travel. There are so many opportunities for you to pack your bags and take a trip now, and if you have the time and the means to go then you should absolutely do so. When it comes to your relationships, this can be a rather intense time and you may feel as if you are butting heads with your partner or, conversely, merging on a much deeper level. Just be careful about all the intensity that is bubbling around you now, which may have a tendency to make you say or do some things that you regret. You may also be thinking about your house and family now, Virgo, or your place in the world linked to the relationships around you. It could all feel a little heavy going this month, but there are also bright spots to look out for if you can learn to lighten up a little!


This can be something of a complex month for you, Libra, as you have the Sun in your Eighth House which means a lot of things. First of all, this is the house of intimacy and so you could find yourself getting closer to someone and bonding with them on a much deeper level than usual. But this also brings with it an intensity which at times could feel heavy and difficult to handle. It is also the case that the Eighth House rules your inner world, so you could find that you are more contemplative than usual and that this leads to you being more introspective and less keen to be the life of the party. This house also rules other people’s money, so you may find that you get a windfall out of the blue or that you, if you ask to borrow some money, people will rush to give it to you! If you don’t have money troubles of your own, then this could be a good time for you to repay a loan or similar from some time ago.


This month sees the Sun in your Seventh House of committed partnerships, Scorpio, and this is about marriage or other kinds of bonds, including those which are work related. It may be that you want to set some intentions in the 10 days that follow the New Moon on May 4, and that you decide to get closer to someone or work through a relationship issue. Watch out for the time around the Scorpio Full Moon on May 18, however, as this brings with it a turbo-charged energy and if it’s time for you to sever ties with someone for good then this Full Moon could make it happen. Remember, though, that all breakups are for the best if they show you that things really weren’t working out, and this could equally apply to a work related issue. If the time has come to look for a new job or a new work partnership, then the month of May is the time to do it, Scorpio! Just make sure that you look before you leap in all your relationships.


This month you have the Sun in your Sixth House of wellness, Sagittarius, and you need to look at this as a kind of health and fitness new year. This could be a great time to look at ways to better take care of yourself, and if you have been avoiding the gym or failing to eat properly, now is the moment when you can start to get things back on track. The Full Moon could also force your hand a little if you are not quite ready, so a health issue may rear its ugly head again, or you may find that you get a series of test results back from the doctor that confirm a long held suspicion about your health. In matters of the heart this month you could find it all a little frustrating as the Full Moon brings a love connection to a climax and this could be a make it or break it moment for many of you. If you’re union is strong then the Full Moon could see you taking the next step on the path to love!


This month you have the Sun in your Fifth House of true love, Capricorn, and this could mean that many of you couple up now or make a commitment such as getting married. This is a wonderful month to tie the knot or start a family, and you will feel as if you are getting hit with all of Cupid’s arrows at once. If your love connection has been a little rocky lately then May could be a time of reckoning when you decide whether to take the next steps together or perhaps break up. There is nothing to fear here, for the universe wants you in the best possible partnership with the best possible person (for you), so know that whatever happens now is for the best. This is also a time when your family life could take center stage and this means that you could get involved in a project that concerns younger family members or similar.


The Sun is in your Fourth House of family this month, Aquarius, so your home life is likely to be very much on your mind. This could be as simple as moving house, or you may just want to redecorate your pad. If that is the case, then the ten days following the Taurus New Moon on May 4 are perfect for hunting for a forever home or buying some new furnishings. It could also be that around the time of the Full Moon on May 18 that you are thinking a lot about your place in the world, and if that is the case it could be linked to some pretty heavy family matters. This could lead to a head-heart situation where you are pulled in one direction by your sense of duty, and in the other by your own wants and needs. Fortunately the lunation of this Full Moon will help to guide you on your way so that you can find a happy medium!


Throughout much of May you have the Sun in your Third House of communication, Pisces, and so the way you communicate with others will be well and truly in the spotlight. It could be that you want to change how others see you, so if you have a website or a blog then this could be a great time to look at how you could give these an upgrade. If you work in a field like publishing or sales, then now is the time when people could flock to you with offers, particularly in the time following the New Moon on May 4. By the time of the Full Moon on May 18, you may find that these crystalize and that you are ready to take a step in a new direction work or communication wise. All in all, throughout May you need to keep an eye out for offers that come your way that you didn’t expect – they could pay off spectacularly.


This month you have the Sun in your Second House of money, Aries, and this is an area that truly sparkles for you. If money has been an issue for you for some time, then the ten days that follow the New Moon on May 4 are the ideal time for you to put some plans in place that could see your finances improve. This could come in the form of a savings plan or similar, but the seeds you plant now could pay off very well in about six-month time. Around the time of the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 18, you may find that you get good news about a money matter, and this could be linked to someone paying off a debt they’ve owed you for some time. Scorpio also rules taxes, so you could get a tax break or similar now. The lesson for May, however, is that you need to get your financial matters in order, and if you can do so now you will be set up for the rest of the year!

Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.