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Where Must You Stand?

Where do thinkers draw the line when the time calls him to make a stand? Perhaps in a presidential election in which the stakes are high? A writer contemplates.

by Richard Oh August 15, 2014
The Seventh One

A documentary follows this year's divisive elections seen through the eyes of ordinary people across Indonesia.

by Hera Diani August 15, 2014
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Democracy Maturity Test: Guarding the Election

A crowd-sourced vote counting initiative helps anticipate electoral abuses and instills confidence in Indonesian election.

by Magdalene July 18, 2014
Election Wrap-Up

A look back at perhaps the most exciting and contentious election ever in Indonesia's recent history. Our contributing photographer shares some of his work in a photo essay.

by Magdalene July 12, 2014
Legislators Having the Last Laugh, All the Way to Bank

While the country was preparing for the presidential election, Parliament passed a bill that cemented its position as the most powerful yet since the 1998 Reforms. Yes, we should be angered by that.

by Hera Diani July 12, 2014
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Belajar dari Masa Lalu untuk Pilih Calon Terbaik

Sebelum memilih, ada baiknya kita kembali ke masa lalu sejenak, mengenang kembali sejarah kelam pemerintah otoriter di Indonesia. Karena mereka yang melupakan masa lalu cenderung akan mengulanginya.

by Devi Asmarani July 4, 2014
Remember the Past, Choose the Better Candidate

Before we go to the polling booth next week, let's take a stroll down memory lane to Indonesia's not-so-distant authoritarian past, because those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

by Devi Asmarani July 4, 2014
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Women's Issues an Afterthought in This Election

The two presidential candidates address women's issues in their platforms. How are they compared?

by Hera Diani July 4, 2014
"The Normal Heart", LGBT and Indonesian Election

Will Indonesia's new president lead to more equality for and less discrimination against LGBT people in Indonesia?

by Amahl S. Azwar July 4, 2014
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Fact Check and Re-Check, An Election Tool

Check your facts before you vote on this website that provides answers to some of the questions around the two presidential tickets.

by Magdalene July 4, 2014