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Pentingnya Dorong Keterlibatan Perempuan Muda dalam Sektor Pertanian

Menciptakan iklim kondusif bagi perempuan muda desa untuk bertani akan menyejahterakan mereka dan memperkuat ketahanan pangan.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter November 2, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Pesan Kontes Kecantikan: Dunia Dirancang untuk Perempuan Cantik

Beauty, brain, behavior? Dua kriteria terakhir tidak berarti dalam kontes kecantikan.

by Aya Prita Belia October 23, 2018
You're Free to Love Your Country the Way You Like It

How do you love your country, especially when it betrays you time and again?

by Mario Rustan, Columnist August 16, 2018
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I Am Skinny and I Don't Believe There's Such Thing as 'Skinny Shaming'

No such thing as "skinny shaming", what you do have is "thin privilege" - a response to previous article on the issue.

by @cryingbrutally July 10, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
How Energy Supplying Programs in Remote Areas Can Have Exploitative Effects to their Beneficiaries

Well intentioned programs to help women in remote areas can have an exploitative effect without active and democratic participation of the beneficiaries in the planning and execution phase.

by Abdullah Faqih April 9, 2018