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Why Teen Depression Rates Are Rising Faster for Girls

New research finds that the different ways boys and girls use digital technology might explain the discrepancy.

by Jean Twenge February 18, 2020
Confession of a Former Suicidal Person

I might not always be suicidal, but the thought still occurs to me once in a while.

by Andina M Hawa October 4, 2019
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Heal, So You Can Heal Future Generation

Psychotherapy helps you see things clearly to unravel the tangled yard, to observe the past from the present moment.

by Orrik Ormeari October 2, 2019
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Peace in Words: How Writing Helps Me Survive the Darkest Days

When the dark cloud hovers and depression takes over, writing reminds her that she is not unworthy.

by Uly Siregar August 12, 2019
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How Depression and Anxiety Messed Up My Academic Life

Being smart was the only thing she was good at: until bouts of depression and anxiety attacks made her fail school.

by Nazalea Kusuma July 22, 2019
Help is on the Way: When Depression or Mania Rears Its Ugly Head

An illness, whether its physical or mental, is like a monster that is trying to invade a palace. The more you fight it, the bigger it gets.

by Binky Bee March 20, 2019
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Menemani Orang dengan Gangguan Mental

Bantuan dari orang terdekat membuat orang-orang dengan gangguan mental terus bertahan dan mendapat semangat untuk bangkit.

by Yana Safitri September 21, 2018
Breathing Through Grief: What I Learned from Losing My Mother

Losing a mother is hard, but even harder is the regret of not having spent enough time with her.

by Dhiah Karsiwulan September 7, 2018
Why Predicting Suicide is a Difficult and Complex Challenge

The suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain shocked and saddened many. And the news was disturbing. Why is it so hard to know who might commit suicide?

by Joseph Franklin June 11, 2018
How Chronic Illnesses Teach Me Life Best Lessons

Having suffered two chronic medical conditions have forced her to continue to learn about herself and to live life to the fullest every day.

by Ambarella May 29, 2018