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Satu Lagi RUU Bermasalah: RUU Keamanan dan Ketahanan Siber

RUU Keamanan dan Ketahanan Siber (RUU KKS) berpotensi menghambat inovasi dan akses terhadap informasi, serta mengkriminalisasi warga.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter September 26, 2019
Pride and Predators: Being Online while Woman

From getting obsessive “likes” all over your posts to being cyberharassed – the perils of being online while female.

by Joanne Amarisa August 9, 2019
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It's Okay to be Alone: An Introvert's Reflection

While down with illness, our columnist contemplates what's it's like to have finally accepted his solitary state.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist November 23, 2018
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"Leave No She Behind": Involving Women in Policy-making and Peacemaking

Only by involving women and listening to their voices in policy making can we ensure that they are not left behind.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari August 17, 2018
Writers' Series 2018 Encourages People to Write Their Stories

Themed "The Story of Us", this year's Writers' Series by The Jakarta Post Writing Center has more than double the speakers and participants from last year, but feels more intimate.

by Camely Artha May 11, 2018
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Issues // Politics and Society
Serikat Pekerja Media dan Industri Kreatif Adakan Festival 'Work Life Balance'

'Work Life Balance Festival' bertujuan untuk meningkatkan pemahaman soal relasi kerja, serta kesehatan dan keselamatan saat bertugas.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter January 24, 2018
Series and Music Videos Challenge India's Discriminative Norms

A Mumbai-based film company produces webseries and music videos that challenge discriminative norms and sexist traditions in India.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari April 8, 2016