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Logic Over Faith: The Quest to Restore My Belief

My son has begun to ask questions about religion, and I have to carefully answer him, because I do not want him to be an outcast for being an unbeliever

by Dinda Larasati August 7, 2019
Interfaith Marriage Sarah Arifin 39 Thumbnail, Magdalene
How Interfaith Relationship Exposes Me to Intolerance Around Me

Being in an interfaith relationship makes her realize how intolerant people can be.

by Eddline Kusuma Andani August 2, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Mengkritik Agama Sendiri, Berani?

Pertemuan dengan berbagai orang dari agama dan kepercayaan berbeda di negara lain membuat penulis semakin terbuka terhadap perbedaan dan pilihan hidup.

by Aprida Sondang June 11, 2019
After Years Snubbing My Religion, I’ve Finally Made Peace with It

“I know I’ll never be a true Muslim, and that many of the teachings conflict with my personal beliefs, but I’m so much more than my sexuality or the religion I follow.”

by Nami Fathya May 18, 2019
Would You Still Love Me if You Knew I'm Not Religious Anymore, Mom?

What happens when your change of faith complicates your relationship with your loving parents.

by Laras Mukti March 31, 2016