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How Can We Keep Friendships in a Polarized World?

How can we continue friendship in a polarized world.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist April 23, 2019
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Biarkan Mainan Anak Tidak Berkategori Gender

Pelabelan gender pada mainan anak berdampak pada ketimpangan perkembangan kognitif anak dan ketimpangan komposisi gender di dunia kerja.

by Rhifa Nadya Ulhaq November 7, 2018
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Aisyah Scopes: June 2018

June could be one of the most positive months of the year which we look back on as a time of breakthroughs, joy and happiness.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist June 4, 2018
In Defense of Solitude (for those "Weirdos" in the Corner)

In communal Indonesian society, solitude-seeking persons often stand out and are perceived as the odd ones out.

by Sebastian Partogi February 28, 2018
It's Okay to Never Talk Again to Your Toxic Friend

When you realize your best friend is actually your enemy, time to cut off the ties.

by Nur Aulia Afina January 12, 2018
The 'Yoga Coven' and How I Got to Enjoy Female Friendships

What started as a weekly yoga session has become an important supporting system, from which she learned for the first time to enjoy great female friendships.

by Christi Hang January 4, 2017
How To Be a True Friend to LGBT Folks

Don't claim to be a friend without taking the responsibility of friendship. This includes protecting your friends' happiness and supporting their lives.

by Shakira Sison September 9, 2016
The Fine Art of Gay Friendship

At his maturing age, weekly gathering with best friends is starting to look like Martha Stewart convention. Why can't he have a gay posse of his own?

by Downtown Boy April 13, 2015
My Girl Friends Make Me Feel Insecure for Not Wearing Makeup

On Ask Madge this week: What to do when your friends start dropping you hint that you should wear makeup? Got any question? Write to us.

by Magdalene March 27, 2015
Heterophobic Thumbnail, Magdalene
Confessions of a (Former) Heterophobe

Tired of being treated like a "dissected frog" in a biology class, he started pulling away from his straight friends. Is heterophobia just as bad as homophobia?

by Amahl S. Azwar March 25, 2015