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Women with HIV: Stigmatized but Hopeful

In rural areas in Yogyakarta, more housewives are infected with HIV than are sex workers.

by Lasse Sørensen December 3, 2018
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Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Memahami Kelainan pada Hasil Pap Smear

Pentingnya memahami hasil pap smear yang menunjukkan kelainan.

by Magdalene October 19, 2018
100% Manusia Film Festival Celebrates Diversity and Inclusivity

The second 100% Manusia Film Festival focuses on raising awareness on gender, mental health, disability and HIV/AIDS issues.

by Camely Artha September 11, 2018
Why HIV Awareness Campaign Should Target Health Workers Too

After a traumatizing experience of being shamed by doctors and nurses for seeking an HIV test, she is convinced that HIV/AIDS awareness campaign should also target health workers,

by Rika Novayanti January 30, 2017
There's Life after HIV/AIDS

Being HIV is not a death sentence, this writer testifies. So get tested and get treated.

by Amahl S. Azwar December 1, 2015
No Lifeguard On Duty - The Condom Checklist

He's hot, but he won't use a condom? Read this checklist on what to do when you're caught in the heat of the moment.

by Amahl S. Azwar June 1, 2015
Guy, Interrupted: How Being HIV Positive Opens My Eyes

When he was diagnosed with HIV, life seemed to be falling apart and he hit rock bottom. But it led him to making the best decision for his life: to take care of himself and to know the people who really matter in life.

by Amahl S. Azwar December 2, 2014
Lifestyle // Health and Beauty
Mengurangi Penyebaran HIV/AIDS oleh 3M

Ada satu kelompok orang yang sangat beresiko tertular dan menularkan HIV/AIDS yang selama ini tidak terjamah oleh kampanye pencegahan HIV/AIDS: pria yang mapan dan bermobilitas tinggi.

by Ramdani Sirait December 1, 2014
Sex Work, Myths and HIV Program

In a country where religious-tinged morality influences policies, the government measures to control prostitution threaten efforts to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and STDs among sex workers.

by Hera Diani November 21, 2014