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How Homophobia Distorts Our Conversation about Rape Culture

Highlighting a rapist’s sexual preference always blurs the focus on addressing the issue of rape culture.

by Nikita Devi July 18, 2019
To All the Queer Folks Getting Over Their Breakups

Mending a broken heart is a struggle for everyone, but for the LGBTQ people in a society that denies their basic rights, the struggle quadruples.

by BM June 28, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Homofobia dalam Kampanye Pemilu 2019

Menjadikan orientasi seksual sebagai senjata politik adalah salah satu pelanggaran terhadap asas kemanusiaan.

by Andri Mulyawan March 21, 2019
In the Closet, Out of the Gossip: The LGBT People’s Urgent Need for Safe Space

“When we’re hanging out, they always talk about other gay people. If I let them know that I’m gay, it’s the same as letting all gays in the city know about me.”

by Varrel Vendira March 11, 2019
Issues // Gender and Sexuality
Membantah 'Slippery Slope' LGBT ke Pedofilia

Kelompok LGBT sering kali difitnah sebagai predator seksual yang tak segan memanipulasi dan menggunakan kekerasan demi kepuasan seksual.

by Benny Wirawan February 23, 2019
I Like Women and My Mother Wants Me to Suffer Because of It

"Remember, I would rather not see you as a daughter, if I ever caught you dating a woman," my mom said.

by Mezia February 6, 2019
Stop Telling Me Humanity Is Doomed

The pessimistic view that we are all doomed is disrespectful and disempowering. To progress we need to maintain a healthy dose of optimism.

by Ibrahim Panji Indra December 1, 2016
Sexual Harassment is Normal, Until a Gay Guy Does It

Many homophobic men say they are disgusted by gay men who sexually harass straight men, but do they feel the same way about women being harassed by straight men?

by Alice Virgo May 13, 2016
An Appeal for Empathy and Reason

Before you blame LGBT as the sole cause of society's moral degradation, look around and be informed first.

by Sammara March 18, 2016
A Letter to My Son for If You Ever Came out

A father examines his own feelings and the way society treats LGBT people in this moving letter to his son

by Ifan Ismail February 2, 2016