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Our God isn’t So Different, After All⁣

Interfaith relationships forces you to examine whether you truly want to go all that length just for a future with this person. But once you decide you do, you’re pretty much unbreakable.⁣

by Magdalene June 10, 2020
"Broken Home" is Obsolete, Here is the Alternative

Changing the term may bring a tremendous shift of mindset, giving more control of your own life while allowing you to be vulnerable.

by Larasati May 12, 2020
Married But Free: How to Do It?

Feminist-style polygamy or a low-commitment nuptial? Our newest columnist Julia Suryakusuma explores the different, non-conventional approaches to marriage for a feminist.

by Julia Suryakusuma May 6, 2020
Marriage Lessons from Being Quarantined with My Parents

Growing up, she thought her parents had the best relationship, but quarantined with them as an adult has made her realize a major flaw in their marriage.

by Carin Hana May 1, 2020
Married Women’s Dilemma: Having Children or Pursuing Higher Education

For most women, being married often puts a damper on their personal goals, as they have to choose between having a child or pursuing higher education.

by Maria Cellina Wijaya, MD April 28, 2020
You May Want to Marry My Boyfriend

A women advertises her dreamy boyfriend, as circumstances are preventing them from getting married.

by Caron Toshiko November 29, 2019
Rethinking the Semantics (and Other Things) of Divorced Parenthood

Some of the terms associated with and remarks made to divorced families show our society’s perception and treatment of non-traditional forms of family

by Dianthus Saputra September 3, 2019
Sex and Marriage a Public Affair in Indonesia

You could be successful in your career and live independently, but still something’s wrong with you if you aren’t married.

by Devina Lin August 28, 2019
How Being Raised by a Single Mother Has Shaped Me

I believe that fathers may be responsible for what their daughters learn to expect from relationships

by Razita Inayah August 23, 2019
Can Women Have It All? Working and Mothering in Jakarta

The gender norm that requires married women to look after the household magnifies the cost for women. As a result, women choose to leave the labor.

by Diahhadi Setyonaluri August 21, 2019