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Fiona Apple and The Art of Patience and Unflinching Defiance

With Cutters, Fiona Apple’s first album in eight years, she proves again her unparalleled penwomanship.

by Fajar Zakhri April 21, 2020
Kai Mata
Singer Kai Mata: “I’m here to claim the space that is rightfully mine.”

Gay and out, musician Kai Mata is here to show her love to a community beset by persecution and discrimination.

by Sanne Breimer April 7, 2020
Wo/MenWeLove - Titik Hamzah
Titik Hamzah on Being the First Indonesian Girl Band to Go International

Surviving the cultural restriction of Soekarno regime Titik Hamzah and the all-woman band Dara Puspita left Indonesia to pursue musical career in Europe.

by Nikita Devi September 9, 2019
5 Songs Whose Lyrics Make You Feel Like a Badass Woman

These songs marry irresistible beats with empowering lyrics – perfect for you and your girls squad.

by Shafira Amalia August 27, 2019
Culture // Korean Wave
The Extreme Pressure Behind the Glamourous K-Pop Industry

K-Pop industry is one of the toughest entertainment industries with the most unforgiving audience, causing many of the idols to suffer from mental exhaustion and illness in silence.

by Sheila Lalita August 1, 2019
Culture // Korean Wave
Menjadi ‘Fangirl Oppa’ dan Tetap Berdaya: ‘Mission Possible’!

Stop melabeli penggemar budaya pop Korea sebagai sekumpulan perempuan irasional dan defensif.

by Lola Devung July 2, 2019
Culture // Korean Wave
How Fear of K-pop Highlights Homophobia in Asia

As K-pop is enjoying a rise in popularity among western audiences, it has led to a rise in homophobia in Asia.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist May 11, 2019
Perempuan dan Persimpangan Vol 5

Dalam skena musik, terdapat 'Raungan' kaum perempuan yang terdistorsi dan jarang terdengar jelas. Banyak pertanyaan yang muncul mengenai perempuan dan skena musik.

by Magdalene March 28, 2019
Music 99 Thumbnail, Magdalene
In Praise of Lana Del Rey: The Anti-Popstar Popstar

Lana Del Rey's artistry and idiosyncrasy continue to make her one of the most fascinating pop artists of her time.

by Fajar Zakhri October 25, 2018
Menjadi Perempuan dalam Skena Musik

Pandangan kapitalisme yang menjadikan perempuan komoditas di dunia musik dapat juga menjadi senjata untuk menyuarakan kebutuhan-kebutuhan perempuan.

by Cinta Marezi May 5, 2017