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Mengenali Diri Lebih Baik lewat ‘Online Dating’

Menjelajah online dating ternyata bisa menjadi salah satu cara untuk mengenali diri lebih baik.

by Nicky Stephani September 3, 2020
Before OkCupid Becomes OkCOVID: Dating Moratorium in the Time of Corona

Dating apps users go on dating moratorium to stop spread of COVID19.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter June 2, 2020
Cegah OkCupid Jadi OkCOVID: Moratorium Kencan di Tengah Krisis Corona

Demi mencegah penyebaran virus corona, banyak pengguna aplikasi kencan melakukan moratorium kencan.

by Elma Adisya, Reporter March 20, 2020
Confessions of a Serial Online Dater

Once she only dated a guy her parents would agree to, but becoming a serial online dater has broadened her horizon and made her life more colourful.

by Nana Sagala September 13, 2019
How Facebook Shapes Our Current (Political) Reality

There is something alarming about the way we trade information today, and it has nothing to do with education.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist September 12, 2018
Online DAting Tinder Thumbnail 30, Magdalene
Despite My Low Self-Esteem, I Decided to Do Tinder

She worries that once she meets someone and they decide to meet in real life, he would leave her because of how she looks.

by Naya April 12, 2018
Ruang (Ny)aman: The Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating

Online dating is often marred by scammers, catfishes, and harassment, but there are still ways to get the most out of online dating.

by Camely Artha March 15, 2018
The Curious Case of Modern Gay Dating

It can be a lonely and isolating existence to be gay and cognizant of the toxicity that permeates gay culture

by Fajar Zakhri February 15, 2018
My Week on Tinder: The 'Fastfood' of Dating Scene

Efficiency, not the desire for a meaningful connection, is what drives the populace of Tinderland.

by Rosa Folia October 7, 2016
My Tinder Experience

She was looking for an uncomplicated rebound sex after a painful breakup when she went on her first Tinder date, but she came out of it with a new realization about herself.

by Seralita July 8, 2015