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Making Transjakarta Busway More Women-Friendly

Jakarta ranks fifth as the city with the most dangerous transport system for women in the world. Transjakarta could use some improvements to make it more women friendly.

by Wulan Kusuma Wardhani, Reporter February 14, 2017
Digital Application to HELP Women in Danger

A digital application called HELP will provide access to immediate support service for women in danger in Indonesia.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari April 22, 2016
On Our Fascination with Order

The recent eviction of Kampung Pulo residents in East Jakarta that led to a violent clash with the authorities gives us an opportunity to contemplate our fascination with "order".

by Anissa S. Febrina August 27, 2015
Dear City Planners: Start Learning, Stop Copying!

Urban planners should stop doing comparative studies and start learning from discussions instead of copying what looks pretty in other cities.

by Elisa Sutanudjaja June 15, 2015
Let Me Ride: The Uber Economy of Transport Sharing

In a city where being stranded without transport is a classic urban tale, Uber provides an innovative option for urban mobility. But why all the fuss?

by Lynda Ibrahim September 5, 2014