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October 06, 2017

Aisyahscopes: October 2017

Take note, everyone, 26th of October is the luckiest day of the year for all signs!

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Hello Magdalene readers! Here we are again for the month of October! This month is best described as a time of contrast. There will be highs and lows for all signs and this month also hosts the luckiest day of the year which will take place on the 26th of October!

We will also see some pitfalls along the way, although if we use astrology to our advantage then we can avoid these and steer ourselves calmly through October, harvesting some of our celestial good luck along the way.

Here are some important dates throughout the month:

5th October – Full Moon in Aries
We have a Full Moon in Aries which is a time of completions but which also brings with it a warrior vibe thanks to Aries, the sign of the Ram. At the same time, we have Mars and Venus in alignment so this day (and the time around it) could be positive or negative. It is a time of big breakthroughs but these could also bring break ups and breakdowns if all has not been going well. Try to stay calm on this day and avoid wars of words. At the same time look out for sudden bursts of good fortune. It is one of those days.

19th October – New Moon in Libra

There is a New Moon in Libra today which is the sign of romance, relationships and collaborations. This means that many signs will be hit by romantic vibes and new relationships could flourish. A New Moon is usually about new beginnings, so if you are attached then you could enter a new and exciting phase in a relationship. This could also point to non-romantic collaborations such as new work assignments and lucrative clients!

26th October – Luckiest day of the year!
October is the month with the luckiest day of the year which falls on the 26th. This is such a lucky day for all signs so use it as a kind of spiritual New Year. Whatever you want, or whatever you have been working towards, will be blessed with an abundance of luck now. So pitch an idea, make a love declaration, or ask for a raise. This is the best day to do it in 2017!

And now for a look at each individual sign...

Like almost all signs, Aries, October will be a bit up and down. Things start off well for you and you may find that work and romance come together well, or you have a romantic encounter with someone at work. Romance will also be in the spotlight for you around the New Moon on the 19th of October and you may get some bad news that you were not expecting. Whatever happens however, you can navigate your way through this if you stay open and talk about it calmly with your loved one. Emphasis on calmly Aries – which is not your strong suit! Around October the 22nd you will have more time to focus on partnerships and collaborations. These could come in the world of work and be very lucrative, or you could get close to a special someone. Money luck also hits around the end of the month. This ties in to October the 26th which is the luckiest day of the year so make sure to watch out for signs of a financial windfall.

October is one of the most significant months of the year, but you are likely to feel this more than others Taurus. Over the last few months you have probably been working hard but perhaps not much has happened. But now you start to reap the rewards of your hard graft and from little acorns big oaks begin to grow. Love is also in the spotlight for you and you may see romance a’bloomin’ now. You will get closer to someone who has been on your radar for a while and the connection deepens until October the 22nd. As Mars is in the mix this could also be explosive and fiery but it will be a great chance to forge a long term bond- if that’s what you want! All in all, October has its bumps in the road but you are moving in the right direction after a lot of delays in previous months.

This month is a mixed bag for everyone including you, Gemini. The Full Moon on October 5th brings with it some good news however and the chance to get closer to family and friends. The New Moon on October the 19th is also linked to romance for you. Uranus, planet of surprises, is also in the mix and you could get some surprising news around this time related to close relationships. On October the 22nd there is more news related to love and if you are in a relationship, it will deepen and grow. If you are single, then this is a great time to meet someone new and this is likely to be a significant relationship that lasts the distance. This is also a time of transformation for you generally Gemini so think about how you can update your routine to work smarter not harder and improve your overall health and fitness. It’s time for some healthy changes!

The month starts off with travel opportunities in your chart around the 5th of October, Cancer, so by all means get out there and explore the world. At the same time your career is highlighted so professionally and creatively you can expect changes and progress. A project you have been working on for a while now could reach completion and it could bring you a lucrative period financially, or increased publicity. October is a strange month however as it also brings lows to come with the highs so you need to be careful, as people may steal your work ideas. Money will flow in but could also flow out related to your home or family, so a sudden expense could come up around October the 19th. When it comes to love, this is the most romantic time of your life since 2005, so you need to make the most of it. There is a rare chance to get closer to someone now, and if you are in a relationship you will see your bond deepen. The best day to focus on romance is October the 26th which is also the luckiest month of the year. You could meet someone who becomes extremely significant in your life or you could make a decision with your partner that brings you closer together.

At the start of the month you may get the opportunity to travel Leo and this could be a work trip which brings some extra cash your way. Work will be lucrative this month, but could also cause some issues as people around you could be difficult to work with, so you will need an extra dose of patience. When the New Moon hits on October the 19th, you will also find that travel is highlighted, but it could bring delays or cancellations. If possible, try to avoid making any big decisions around this time. When it comes to luck, you will have plenty around October the 26th which is the luckiest day of the year. This will be in the home and family part of your chart so if you are looking to move or buy a house then you could find the perfect property. This could also relate to children, so if you have been looking to conceive then this could happen for you now.

Relationships, one in particular, are highlighted for you in October, Virgo. October the 5th will be a crucial day as you may need to make a decision about a relationship and this could mean a breakup or a breakthrough. If your relationship is strong you will grow closer, or this might be the time that you realise it’s not working and move on. Relationships continue to dominate around the New Moon in Libra on October the 19th. You could get some surprising news related to a loved one, but this also will also be news that is important to you moving forward. You needed to know about it, whatever it is. Around October the 22nd you will get a big boost from Mars in Libra. Do you feel like you have let go of the reins of your life a little Virgo? If so then this aspect helps you get back some of the control that you feel like you may have lost. You will feel more energetic and this also brings with it some financial luck. You are great at negotiating now so put it to good use and ask for a raise. 

This month will be focused on one relationship in your life Libra. It could be a romantic one or it could relate to your work life. Either way, it is significant. The Full Moon on the 5th of October will bring with it some decisions about your relationships and you may decide to go your separate ways, or meet someone who goes on to be very important in your life. Venus is in aspect with Mars in your chart in the part that rules hidden relationships, so the most significant relationships in your life right now are ones behind the scenes, that people can’t see or don’t even know about. Be careful now, and just take it slow. On October the 19th you may get more relationship news and find out something that surprises you about your partner. The best advice is to go with the flow and see how this all pans out. Money luck will also come to you at the end of the month around the 26th of October but you need to work for it!

October starts out as a bit of a social whirlwind for you Scorpio, particularly around the 5th of October. You will get a chance to travel and spend time with those closest to you. This month is tricky however as it has positive and negative aspects, often at the same time. This is particularly true for your sign and you may have some health issues around the 5th of October. If you have had an issue which has been bothering you for some time then this month is a good time to get it checked out and deal with it properly. But there is a lot of good news on the way. On October the 10th Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance, moves out of Libra and into Scorpio, which happens every 12 years. This crowns you as the new celestial favourite and the next 13 months will be lucky and lucrative for you Scorpio. Projects will blossom and financial and romantic luck will pour in for you. Enjoy it!

The beginning of October, particularly around the 5th, brings good things for you Sagittarius. If you have been working hard, then it could start to pay off now and you might find money or praise coming your way. If you work in publishing then you might get publicity for your work or finish up a project. That said, October is a mixed month and you may also experience delays and hold ups when it comes to your work. Romance is also in the spotlight and you may find that you have some tense conversations about your love life. This could also translate to work relationships and you may need to be clear about what you want and expect from any deals you make now. Around the 10th of October get ready for a jolt of good luck that will come out of the blue. This could be regarding something you have been doing behind the scenes which suddenly comes to fruition, particularly if you work in writing, publishing or research.

You career may be in the mix now Capricorn and this will be both a positive and challenging month for you. There is some good luck coming your way around October the 10th so this is a good time to ask for the things you want in the workplace. You could also find that you have some difficult moments with colleagues who are jealous or who try to wrong foot you. The best thing to do is ignore them and keep to yourself. Your house of accomplishment is lit up this month so good things will come to you if you stay positive. There will also be some good luck around the 26th of October which is the luckiest day of the year and this could be linked to a charity or humanitarian cause you are involved in. If possible reach out to others at this time for help or guidance as it could be very lucrative for you.

It’s a month of good opportunity for you Aquarius! People will flock to you with work offers and opportunities to collaborate and your house of finance is all lit up. This means you could see money rolling in but be careful it doesn’t roll out just as quickly as this could also mean unforeseen expenses. There will be opportunities to travel around the Full Moon on October the 5th and this could also have some kind of business component to it. Around October the 16th, family, in particular younger members or siblings, is highlighted so you could hear news now or have an argument. The New Moon around the 19th of October could bring some tension in relationships, particularly those that involve work, but the 26th of October is the luckiest day of the year and this is the time to start something new. You will be very successful with any new projects you launch around that time, so pitch an idea or ask for a raise.

Romance is on the cards for you in October Pisces, particularly around the 5th. There is an alignment of Mars and Venus in your opposite sign which is Virgo highlighting someone who is opposite to you in some way, but also very complimentary to your life. If you are in a committed relationship, then you will have the chance to travel together and take a romantic trip that you will remember forever. This will also be a lucrative time for you if you work in publishing or the film industry. You may see your image used online and you may catch the eye of some big collaborators. Legal matters are also in the mix now, but these will work out in your favour. Money, insurance and inheritance are also shining in your chart and this could be linked to a health issue, so this is a good month to have something like that minor surgery that you have needed for a while now. The luckiest day of the year is October the 26th and this also points to travel with those closest to you. The end of October is a chance to explore new places with loved ones so don’t be afraid to book a trip.
Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.