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January 28, 2016

"Just Me and Allah": Gay and Muslims in Pictures

A photographer documents gay Muslims in a project aims to start a conversation on acceptance.

by Devi Asmarani

People are inherently complex, but, unfortunately, we have this bad tendency to put people into neat boxes. One of the biggest presumptions is that gay people cannot be a believer, because their faith forbids homosexuality.
This has been debunked by gay Muslims, including a photo project that documents gay Muslims across the world. "Just Me and Allah" was originally created by Toronto photographer Samra Habib on Tumblr, but it has since been exhibited in a few locations.
"I found comfort in learning that it's a conversation that many queer Muslims around the world were having," Habib said in an interview with Mic.
"And thought this project might help mobilize the queer Muslim community through my preferred medium: photography."
Said Leila from Berlin in an interview with Habib published on her Tumbler page: “As time passed, my hijab was more than a symbol of faith, it became a symbol of resistance and a political symbol… I am covered in tattoos so when people see me with a hijab, they’re always shocked.”
*Illustration by Samra Habib

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