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September 20, 2013

Love Your Vagina

From the commonly suggestive "Pleasure Patch", the over the top "Supersonic Rocket Socket", to the highly metaphorical "Little Man in a Canoe" women have called their "lady bit" by a variety of different names. Here's a list of the names sung out perfectly.

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Love Your Vagina Song
From the commonly suggestive “Pleasure Patch”, the over the top “Supersonic Rocket Socket”, to the highly metaphorical “Little Man in a Canoe”, women have called their “lady bit” by a variety of different names. In 2011, the producer of Mooncup menstrual cup launched a new campaign of the product, using the catchy tune “Love Your Vagina” that features these names. Our personal favorite from the list: Downtown Dining and Entertainment District.
So here are some of the nicknames according to the song. Care to add yours?

  • What not
  • Thatchy Snatch
  • Money Slot
  • Pleasure Patch
  • Bouncing Baby Escape Hatch
  • Secret Little Honey Pot
  • Mary Lou
  • Little Girl
  • Vajuju
  • Little Man in a Canoe
  • Frilly Whirl
  • Precious Hidden Oyster Pearl
  • Naughty Bits
  • Peachy Lips
  • Velvet Locket
  • Otter’s Pocket
  • Little Thing Between Your Hips
  • Supersonic Rocket Socket
  • Coochie Majesty
  • Cherry Blossom Canopy
  • Woollen Chuff
  • Ginger Tuft
  • Little Kitten
  • Mitten Muff
  • Lickety Split
  • Whistker Biscuit
  • Downtown Dining and Entertainment District
  • Tutu
  • Foufou
  • Nunu
  • Mincy Moo
  • LooLoo
  • Pingoo
  • Bella Bella Woohoo