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October 07, 2015

Save the Environment - But How?

A few tips on doing your bit to save the environment.

by Ira Guntur

Go Green!  Save the Planet!
We all have heard about these, and yet have we ever really thought what saving the environment mean?
I have friends who love to dive and for them, it is crucial to save the corals and make sure that the blue water of Indonesian oceans is not ruined from the trash. 
For us urbanites, the concern is more about living in an environment that is continually challenged by development and population growth. Lest we are lucky enough to live in a house with a garden, most of us don’t have easy access to green space.
We bear the polluted air and the contaminated water, and we struggle every year when the rainy season brings floods that submerges house and roads for days on end.
The good news is that many of us would do anything to help change the situation, but we we don’t know what to do. . After all, what come to mind when you think about saving the environment are things like protecting the whales from extinction, preserving forest’ biodiversity, or mitigating climate change. 
So how do contribute in our personal ways to save the environment? Instead of tackling the big picture, it is probably best to narrow down our focus: make the environment relates to us as much as possible.  Caring for the environment could mean these things and more:  (i) less likelihood of flooding during the rainy season; (ii) more open space for our children to play; and, (iii) less worry about the quality of air we breathe and the water we consume.
Below are some simple things we could do to save our environment in our daily lives:

  1. Have sufficient garbage disposal.  Do not litter! Ever!
  2. Recycle. It may not be easy to do, but it is possible.  Recycle old clothes, papers and magazines, plastic bottles. Think twice before sending items to the dustbin. 
  3. Use less plastic: bring your own bottle and shopping bags.  Yes, it does matter. Thank the cashier and decline the plastic bag offer. 
  4. Plant trees at home, potted ones if you do not have a garden.
  5. Switch off the lights when you leave a room.
  6. Use more public transportation or bike to work.
  7. Support environment-related organizations.

And many more ways. These are just something you can start doing immediately. Hopefully starting now. 
*Picture depicts design on t-shirts by Yayasan Kebun Raya Indonesia.

Ira Guntur works for Yayasan Kebun Raya Indonesia (YKRI), which has a mission to preserve and manage plant collections for the purpose of education. One of its objectives is to promote public awareness on the importance of the biodiversity conservation and the roles and functions of Botanical Gardens.  Currently there are 27 botanical gardens all over Indonesia, including four that are more than 100 years old.