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March 28, 2015

What to Pack to Stay Warm in Cold Weather

What do you wear to stay warm while traveling during winter?

by R.L.

Dear R.L.,
I’ll be traveling to Australia during winter for two weeks. I’m a tropical girl through and through and not really a fan of cold weather. What outfit should I bring?
Dear Elsa,

Luckily we can be warm and stylish at the same time. There are plenty of high street stores -- Zara, H&M -- that sell affordable winter coats (tip: buy them during the sales period. No point in buying full price for an item you can only wear every once in a while).
Cashmere is light yet warm, not itchy like merino wool, and good for layering. Layering is important, because although baby it's cold outside, inside people can be overzealous with their heaters. Uniqlo does good, basic Heattech items such as legwear, tops, and undies.
If you're looking to be outdoors a lot and/or looking for an athletic look, a windbreaker is a must. Snug leather gloves are essential, and a beanie that covers your ears. A scarf is nice to have, but not exactly necessary. Anti slip leather boots look good and help ward off the cold, too! Remember to have a couple of bright colored items just to spice it up. The bleak weather should not hamper your style!
* Photo by Highway Agency
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