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Tren Hijab Syar’i: Murni untuk Agama atau Kapitalisme?

Tren hijab syar’i tidak lagi murni menjalankan fungsi agama tetapi lebih ke arah kapitalisme.

by Siti Parhani, Social Media Coordinator May 8, 2020
Rent-a-Dress: Sustainable Alternative for Your Sartorial Dilemma

For some, renting outfits presents an ideal world of an endless closet while also helping the environment.

by Nieve Walton February 11, 2020
An Academic Looking Glass into Indonesian Contemporary Fashion

London-based scholar Alessandra Lopez y Royo’s new book Contemporary Indonesian Fashion: Through the Looking Glass attempts to fill the gap in serious literature on contemporary Indonesian fashion scenes.

by Lynda Ibrahim December 4, 2019
Fashion forWords_9
Fashion, Theatrical Performance and Activism in Fashion ForWords

Fashion ForWord combines fashion and theatrical performance to reveal injustice and raises social consciousness.

by Shafira Amalia May 8, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Hijab di Indonesia: Sejarah dan Kontroversinya

Tren peningkatan pemakaian hijab menjadi peluang bisnis pakaian yang sangat menggiurkan.

by Alimatul Qibtiyah March 5, 2019
Reality Fantasy Beauty Women 79, Magdalene
I Am Skinny and I Don't Believe There's Such Thing as 'Skinny Shaming'

No such thing as "skinny shaming", what you do have is "thin privilege" - a response to previous article on the issue.

by @cryingbrutally July 10, 2018
Breaking the Taboo Surrounding Older Women: A Conversation with Alex Bruni

London-based academician and model Alex Bruni talked of ageism, beauty and sex in this interview.

by Intan Febriani June 27, 2018
My Curly Hair is Not the Problem; Our Beauty Standard Is

After years of almost daily struggle to bend her curly hair to her will, she has finally come to accept that it is not her hair that needs to change.

by Aya Sadariskar April 10, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Ruang (Ny)aman: The Dark Side of Fashion Industry and How to be a Mindful Consumer

To end 2017, Ruang (Ny)aman discussed the dark side of fashion industry and how to be a mindful consumer.

by Camely Artha January 4, 2018
'Girls' Night In' for Boss Women Who'd Rather Stay In

Are you one of those people who prefer to binge-watch at home with a glass of wine while your friends are out and about exploring new bars in town? Then "Girls Night In" may just be for you.

by Camely Artha August 25, 2017