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Apa yang Perlu Diketahui tentang Dasar-Dasar Feminisme (2)

Bagian kedua tulisan tentang dasar-dasar feminisme ini mengupas sejarah dan konteks feminisme di Indonesia.

by Nadya Karima Melati, Kolumnis March 21, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Ketika Perempuan yang Lebih Berdaya Sudutkan Sesama Perempuan

Banyak perempuan yang ketika merasa sudah berdaya, bukannya mendukung dan mendorong perempuan lain yang belum seberuntung mereka, malah menyalahkan dan menghakiminya.

by Fitri Indra Harjanti February 6, 2019
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Perennial Problem of Body Shaming

Fairy tales is often loaded with message of body shaming.

by Dr Sonia Vashishta Oberoi January 29, 2019
'Women Sense Tour' Documentaries Counter Stereotypes of Muslim Women

Made by French film makers, the documentary series put a spotlight on women change makers in five Muslim countries including Indonesia.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari December 6, 2018
I was Assaulted in a Taxicab and for a Long Time I Thought It was My Fault

What traumatized me is not that some guy has sexually assaulted me and took my money, but that there's a part of me that questioned whether it was my fault.

by Gabrella Seilatuw December 5, 2018
'Bad Feminist' and How I Happily Accept Contradicting Myself

"I would rather be a bad feminist than no feminist at all," declares Roxanne Gay in her book Bad Feminist.

by Adella Anna Pratiwi October 30, 2018
When Women of Color Support Brett Kavanaugh

Author Amy Chua is one of the handful of prominent women of color to support Brett Kavanaugh's appointment as a US Supreme Court justice.

by Mario Rustan, Columnist October 10, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Perempuan Berjilbab Tapi Merokok

Jilbab dan rokok seharusnya diletakkan pada ranah privat nan subtil.

by Rizka Khaerunnisa October 10, 2018
Issues // Politics and Society
Feminisme dalam Gerakan Emak-emak Militan

Apa yang berbeda dari Barisan Emak-Emak Militan dan Suara Ibu Peduli?

by Nadya Karima Melati, Kolumnis August 2, 2018