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'Tell Stories that Matter': Exploring the Spectrum of Writing

A one-day conference on writing explores the various means of telling stories that matter, from poetry, fiction to journalism.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari May 16, 2017
The Women of Mosintuwu: The Resistance Leader

In seven years, Lian Gogali has built a grass roots movement that empowers women in villages across Poso and turns them into agents of change.

by Devi Asmarani April 28, 2017
Merry Kolimon Thumbnail, Magdalene
How a Feminist Preacher Led Her Church to Become a Champion of Gender Equality

In East Nusa Tenggara, Reverend Mery Kolimon has revolutionized the second largest protestant church in Indonesia, transforming a patriarchal institution into champion of gender equality.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari March 9, 2017
Wo/Men We Love
Madame Asterix Sajikan Terjemahan dengan Bumbu Humor Lokal

Rahartati Bambang Haryo punya jasa besar sebagai penerjemah karena memberikan warna dan konteks lokal.

by Hera Diani February 21, 2017
Religious Resurgence in Indonesia Alarming: Muslim Scholar

Religious conservatism in Indonesia has reached an alarming level and we need to find the root of the problem to overcome it.

by Hera Diani June 20, 2016
Aussie Writer Talks of the Downside of Pop Feminism and Gym Selfie

There's a downside to "pop feminism" and gym-selfie empowerment, Australian feminist writer Lou Henrich said recently.

by Devi Asmarani April 29, 2015
Talen Handayani 51 Thumnail, Magdalene
Impactful Craft Producer on Being a Dignified Merchant

When her independent bookshop collapsed and her partners left, she stayed and grew what became an impactful craft business, all while staying true to her socialpreneurial mission.

by Hera Diani April 6, 2015
Marta Santos Pais 73, Magdalene
Breaking the Silence on Violence

To end the culture of impunity and silence on violence against children, social norms much change and the government must make it a priority issue, a UN Special Representative says.

by Devi Asmarani March 20, 2015
Filmmaker Talks of the Papuan Challenges

The young maker of new documentary Tanah Mama shares her experience making the film and the myriads of challenges facing people in its remote highland.

by Hera Diani January 14, 2015
Involving Men in Ending Violence Against Women

Stopping violence against women must involve men and changing the perception of manhood and masculinity, says one of our favorite feminists Michael Kaufman.

by Hera Diani November 25, 2014