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Issues // Politics and Society
Maudy Ayunda Tak Akan Kuliah di USU

Kampus di Indonesia, termasuk USU, seperti berlomba-lomba untuk membuat peraturan diskriminatif dan membiarkan persekusi terhadap minoritas semakin meluas.

by Nadya Karima Melati, Kolumnis March 26, 2019
Issues // Politics and Society
Homofobia dalam Kampanye Pemilu 2019

Menjadikan orientasi seksual sebagai senjata politik adalah salah satu pelanggaran terhadap asas kemanusiaan.

by Andri Mulyawan March 21, 2019
In the Closet, Out of the Gossip: The LGBT People’s Urgent Need for Safe Space

“When we’re hanging out, they always talk about other gay people. If I let them know that I’m gay, it’s the same as letting all gays in the city know about me.”

by Varrel Vendira March 11, 2019
10 Feel-Good Shows on Netflix to Distract You from Life

These shows are the equivalent of Vick's VapoRub, when you have a nasty cold. It won't cure you, but it does make you feel better.

by Binky Bee September 18, 2018
The Gays of Arabia Illustrated in 'artqueerhabibi'

This Instagram account illustrates queer love and diverse gender expression in the Arab world.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari May 30, 2018
Feminine Man 96 Thumbnail, Magdalene
My Hair, My Battleground

At some point, his hair has become a battleground of internal demons and social mirror, on which he projects his existence as a queer person.

by Fajar Zakhri April 25, 2018