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Instatree: Surviving Infidelity

There is a huge difference between mistake and violation. An affair is not something you have without conscience, but in spite of it. You’re fully aware of the given consequences. That’s why violation takes more to forgive.

by Magdalene June 19, 2020
Community // Instatree
Our God isn’t So Different, After All⁣

Interfaith relationships forces you to examine whether you truly want to go all that length just for a future with this person. But once you decide you do, you’re pretty much unbreakable.⁣

by Magdalene June 10, 2020
Surviving Infidelity

“Shifting the focal point of the story from his misbehavior to my survival was not easy, but it saved me.”

by Hana Adiningsih May 20, 2020
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Issues // Relationship
Queer Love: Benarkah Pria Gay Anti-Komitmen?

Dalam edisi perdana Queer Love, kedua pengasuh kolom tanya jawab soal queer ini menjawab kegelisahan seorang pemuda gay soal komitmen.

by Paramita Mohamad dan Downtown Boy February 14, 2020
Perempuan PDKT Duluan, Kenapa Tidak?

Perempuan boleh kok mendekati laki-laki duluan, jangan takut dicap agresif.

by Hafiza Dina Islamy February 8, 2020
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Ibu Tunggal dan Pencarian Cinta Kedua

Ibu tunggal kesulitan mencari pasangan baru karena trauma, stigma, dan beban berlipat ganda.

by Selma Kirana Haryadi February 5, 2020
Circling and Chanting, I Fell in Love with a Blue-Eyed Sufi

Having sworn off the possibility of falling in love, she found it in the most unlikely place: a Sufi lodge.

by Chitra Priambodo February 3, 2020
When a Car is More than Just a Vehicle

An essay on how we unknowingly anchor our memories to the tangible, and what happens when it’s suddenly gone.

by Adelia Andani November 19, 2019
Confessions of a Serial Online Dater

Once she only dated a guy her parents would agree to, but becoming a serial online dater has broadened her horizon and made her life more colourful.

by Nana Sagala September 13, 2019
Become Abuser_Toxic_Abusive_Relationship_SarahArifin
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Pasangan dalam Film yang Tak Seharusnya Jadi #CoupleGoals

Pasangan-pasangan dalam film ini menjadi #CoupleGoals banyak orang tapi sesungguhnya hubungan mereka toxic. #Spoilers

by Shafira Amalia September 11, 2019