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December 04, 2017

Aisyahscopes: December 2017

Some changeable and challenging energy ahead, but it sure won't be dull transition to the new year.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Hello Magdalene readers! Wow, is it really December already? The end of the year is almost upon us, but 2017 is going to go out with a bang rather than a whimper. If you were hoping for a calm and quiet transition from 2017 into 2018 then you won’t get it. Sorry.

This year has certainly been interesting and more is yet to come in December. There is a changeable energy to the skies with some good days, followed by more challenging ones. It won’t be dull, but you will need to navigate this month with patience. Usually this is a time to look back and reflect, but work will be a huge focus of this month for many of you, so you need to keep plugging away.

Relationships are also in the mix, so the key for December is to say what’s on your mind or in your heart. Leave nothing left unsaid as we move into 2018, particularly when it comes to those you love. Tell the people close to you how much they matter and let’s all try to leave 2017 (a shit show of a year – let’s be honest) a little kinder.

See you in 2018!

Here is how it will all unfold...

3rd of December – Full Moon in Gemini
The Full Moon in Gemini is in the Sign of the Twins so this links to collaborations or twosomes of all kinds. This could shine light on close relationships and there is also the sense that some relationships may end around this time. This is also the start of the Mercury Retrograde period, meaning that crossed wires are possible. As the Full Moon shines in the heavens, however, this is also the time to speak your truth and have an important conversation with someone you love. Say what you mean as honestly and clearly as possible.

3rd December – 22nd December – Mercury Retrograde
Mercury goes retrograde for the last time in 2017 from the 3rd of December to the 22nd of December. This means that this is a time to look back rather than forward. As the New Year approaches, we can be tempted to make grand plans for the future, but this retrograde period is all about cleaning house and going back over any loose ends from 2017. Make sure you back up your work, change your passwords and take care while travelling. This is also not a good time to buy any electronics or change your look in any way.

18th December – New Moon in Sagittarius
The New Moon in Sagittarius brings things like travel to the fore. This is a good time to start making tentative plans for the year ahead as Sagittarius is a forward thinking sign and a New Moon is the start of beginnings rather than endings. Just don’t launch anything yet! On a global scale, we may (hopefully) hear some good news around this date as Sagittarius is one of the great humanitarians of the zodiac and this means that there will be something to celebrate at the end of a pretty harsh year politically and globally.
There is a lot going on for you at the end of the year Aries, as there is for all signs. The pace picks up as the Sun is in Sagittarius and there is a chance for expansion. You could get work or travel opportunities now and if you work for yourself then new clients could reach out to you. Around the Full Moon in Gemini, you could do very well out of partnerships and collaborations, as Gemini is the Sign of the Twins after all. There is a strange energy to this month for you Aries. On the one hand, you will get work opportunities and the chance to get ahead. On the other, this will also come with delays and reversals, which are asking you to look at the bigger picture. This is a time to look back over the last year and see where you have made great strides forward. But you also need to learn from them and make changes accordingly in the last month of the year. What is and isn’t working in your life now?

The pace is a little manic for you at the end of December, Taurus, and this month certainly won’t be dull. You will find that you get some good news about work this month, but this is likely to be related to former clients who want you to take on more responsibility. As Mercury is retrograde, however, this is not a time to focus on new work projects. Still, you can make the most of it by looking back. If you had a project in the works that never took off then, now is the time to pick it back up again and it could be very successful. You could also have some relationship issues this month, Taurus. There is a feeling you are trying to make sense of a relationship in your life and it could cause you to feel obsessive and confused. Try to take it slowly if you can and don’t get dragged into emotional arguments that lead nowhere.

This month will be more confusing for you than for other signs, Gemini, as we have the Full Moon in Gemini, and Mercury, your ruler, is also retrograde. This causes miscommunication problems, so be careful what you say before you say it or write it down. You should also make time to re-evaluate some of your relationships. It could be that some of your relationships have been dragging on, but that people have not been adding much to your life other than a whole load of drama! On the flipside, however, focus on those you love and make sure to tell them how much they actually mean to you and how much they have contributed to your happiness over the last year. For you Gemini, this is a month of clearing through some of the junk in your life and keeping only the things that make you happy, whatever these may be.

Take care of your health this month, Cancer. Saturn is in the mix now, which could make you feel more drained than usual and also affect your teeth and bones. If you are feeling under the weather then get it checked out and try not to burn the candle at both ends! This can be easier said than done, however, as you have a lot on your plate this month when it comes to work. Offers come your way or it could be that you get projects dumped in your lap that wouldn’t usually be your responsibility. Things can and will go wrong, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, and you could be the only one who can fix things like a website that suddenly stops working. When it comes to relationships, there is both confusion and commitment on the cards. You could feel troubled about certain relationships (romantic or otherwise), but the swirling skies in December make them impossible to ignore for much longer.

Buckle up this month, Leo, as there is a whole load of action going on in your chart. You will get into the holiday spirit early this month and will be the life and soul of the party (as always). Relationships will be important this month and it could be that you finally make a commitment to someone you have been casually dating for some time now. By all means, go for it, but just make sure that they are the real deal before you get in too deep. If you have been in a solid relationship for a while, then now could be the time for an engagement, marriage or pregnancy – it’s an exciting time for you Leo! As Mercury is retrograde however just make sure that you speak from the heart and say what you really mean. If you flirt with someone you aren’t truly interested in or similar then you could cause a lot of trouble for yourself so proceed with care.

This month will be something of a mixed bag for you, Virgo, and a slightly confusing one at that. The issue in December is that Mercury is retrograde and this is also your ruling planet. This means that you will feel the full weight of all its negative influences. You could have issues with technology breaking down or miscommunications with those close to you. Family members could take exception to your words or behaviour, even though you didn’t mean to cause tension. This particularly applies to female relatives, so take care. On the flipside, this is also a good time for your close relationships with a partner or loved one. Throughout 2017 you probably had your ups and downs and now, as the year comes to a close, you could find that you are able to heal a few wounds. Say what you need to say and look forward to getting closer in 2018.

Money matters come to the fore now, Libra, which is good news! It is fair to say that you have struggled financially throughout 2017 and even before that and (finally) after the 19th of December there is a shift and you can breathe a little easier. Conversely, you may find out that there are some bills to be paid before the end of the year that you had forgotten about, but at the same time you will also have the opportunity to increase your income in some way. With that in mind, when you do make money, try not to spend it immediately either! Relationships are also tested at this time and you could be in a flirty mood as the holiday season heats up. This is a good time for finally telling someone how you feel about them after a lot of cat-and-mouse games throughout the year.

Mercury is retrograde this month, Scorpio, and it slams into your house of money and work. This means that money could go missing or you could have problems with work, such as losing a load of files or data. Knowing that now, back up all your work and make sure you keep copies of things like receipts or money transfers in case anything goes awry (and it probably will!). That said, this is not a time to be blue, because while Mercury is snoozing, you may find that you are more inspired than usual. This is a good time to work on creative projects and especially auspicious if you are thinking of collaborating on something with a partner (romantic or otherwise). Just make sure you don’t launch a big idea now, as you would be much better waiting until January when the skies are a little clearer.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius! This is your birthday month and there is a whole lot going on for you in the heavens! For one thing, relationships could go through some changes now. This will undoubtedly be a good thing and if you have had a relationship that seemed like it was drifting on auto-pilot then, now may be the time when you decide to make a firm commitment to each other. You could also find that others want to make commitments to you in other areas of your life like work and you could get the chance to work on a new project that is ideally suited for your skills. One thing to remember is that while you may get lots of exciting opportunities now, try not to sign any contracts or make firm commitments until Mercury is no longer retrograde on the 22nd.

Like all signs you will face a month of competing demands Capricorn. On the one hand, there are lots of things you want to get done, as you tend to be a sign that loves to micro-manage. On the other hand, this is not really a great month to do that, as Mercury is retrograde and this makes miscommunications common and things hard to pin down and organize. You could also find that you want to sort things out before the holidays and prepare your home for a new year ahead, and while you can try to get all your ducks in a row, it just might not work out as perfectly as you planned. In this case, relax and enjoy yourself. This month is less about work and more about your social life, and you will find that relationships are renewed and you feel closer to others than you have in a long time! Don’t forget to tell them how much they mean to you!

It’s all about you, you, you this month Aquarius...and why not? This is your time to shine and people around you are ready to pay attention. The reason your star is on the rise in December is that you are blessed with the gift of the gab. Your powers of self-expression are through the roof and this means that people listen when you talk, write, or otherwise say how you feel. Collaborations and projects could come your way now and these will be based around how you present yourself to the world. You will also find that your close relationships benefit from your chatty style...but, remember, Mercury is in its retrograde phase now and you would do well to think before you blurt out every little thought or feeling. There is a sense that you could go too far so make sure you tone down the message before you speak.

This month is primarily going to focus on work for you Pisces, and January is the month when your close relationships will truly take centre stage. There is a sense in your chart that there is a lot to get done now and you could also be dealing with cleaning up after others and fixing their mistakes. As Mercury is retrograde, it adds to the confusion and although you may be trying your best to sort out your work life, there could be twists and turns along the way. It’s OK...just do what you can, and whatever you do make sure you protect your data and back up your work! On the relationship front, you may find that you are more popular than usual this month and this can be a sweet time in your romantic life.

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Aisyah Llewellyn is a professional freelance writer. Much of her work is focused on astrology writing and she specializes in compatibility reports and relationship advice by sign.