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August 04, 2017

Aisyahscopes: August 2017

As we enter the second half of the 2017, be prepared for one of the most important, yet dramatic months of the year. August will definitely be a game changer and the month will start with a bang for many of us.

by Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist
Lifestyle // Horoscope
Hello Magdalene readers! Welcome to your August horoscope and one of the most important yet dramatic months of the year. For many of you, August will be a game changer, but it will also bring a few surprises. Think of it like a snake shedding its skin, or a transformative process that lets you look at 2017 in a whole new way. This is an exciting month but there will be a few bumps in the road as you navigate all the changes. We also have two powerful eclipses in the signs of Aquarius and Leo, so get ready to let your inner Lion roar as you tackle any challenges that have been long overdue in your life. This is a great month so don’t fear the highly charged astrological weather. Fortunately, we have astrology to guide us through and help us make the most of the opportunities coming our way now.

Here is how it will all go down...

3rd and 4th of August: Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus Retrograde
The month starts with a bang with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the powerful planet of transformation and Capricorn is about government and the old order. This suggests a shuffle at the top. Who do we know who is a famous Capricorn in government? Well...let me think. There is Donald Trump Junior, Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, and Eric Trump for a start. Yes- really! For some reason Trump just loves to be surrounded by those born under the sign of the Mountain Goat. Uranus is the planet of transformation and surprises. So we are going to see change in government that comes quickly. Uranus also rules electrical storms and earthquakes. The ground will move and nothing will stay the same.
7th August: Lunar Eclipse
The Lunar Eclipse on 7th August is a bit of a mixed one. It’s in the sign of Aquarius which rules groups and humanitarian causes. Any Full Moon is about endings but this has a positive vibe to it and you may find you get some kind of recognition or award that has been a long time coming. As this is about community however, it could relate to those around us and some relationships may be tested. If they are not good for you, then let them go.

12th August Mercury Retrograde
Mercury is retrograde AGAIN starting on the 12th of August but there is no need to lose your cool. In some astrological circles Mercury Retrograde is painted as this awful time when everything goes wrong and electrical appliances go haywire – which is both true and not. It is a good time to lay low and figure out how you need to move forward. Think of it like a little spiritual retreat from the world when you can do some soul searching and take some “me time”. That said...do not buy any electronics or sign any paperwork until the retrograde is over on 5th September. I warn you every time and I know some of you don’t listen!
21st August: Solar Eclipse
Oh this is a big one. Like THE big one. Astrologers are calling this the Great American Eclipse as we are going to see a Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible over parts of the United States. This Eclipse in the sign of Leo the Lion and it is bringing with it a huge amount of change. The effects will be on a global scale and our world will be rocked at this time with scandals and reshuffles. North Korea is in the mix, so is the United States. It even affects the British Royal Family (Leo is the sign of the Royals). On a personal level you will feel the Eclipse and it will bring with it surprises but these will mostly be positive and will help you break free from a previous unhealthy situation. It’s time!
And now for a look at each individual sign...

Happy birthday Leo! It’s your birthday month but there is also a big Leo Solar Eclipse coming. Your chart is all about your body now and your general sense of wellbeing. Maybe you haven’t been feeling yourself for a while, but now you have the planets on your side. This is also about more than just drinking more smoothies, but how you feel about life generally. There will be transformations now and this is a special time for you and one where you can let go of old baggage. Think about how you want your life to look in the next few months and start making the changes now that will allow you to do this. It could be a new fitness class or just letting go of a toxic relationship that is not serving you well anymore. Wellness and wellbeing are your keywords this month. August is really your time to shine and also your time to make a big decision that changes your life. It really is a lucky month for you so be bold!
Don’t get too comfortable in August, Virgo. You have the asteroid Fortuna in your chart which is the Wheel of Fortune of the planets. It spins one way and then the other and you will never quite feel like you catch up this month. Forget about trying to establish a solid routine because it won’t happen. Instead, just roll with the punches and enjoy the highs. These will come in unexpected ways such as a sudden injection of cash where you finally get some money that was owed to you a long time ago. Lows will also come, but just ride them out and know that the wheel will come back up again. The Total Solar Eclipse will affect you more than some other signs as it is Leo, which is the sign next to you. Something is concealed and then revealed to you which will have an impact on your life, just don’t be hasty. You can’t see the full picture during an Eclipse, so just wait to see how the story unfolds over the next few months. It will be associated to those close to you, friends, family, groups, or work colleagues. Jupiter, the planet of luck is also in the mix so lucrative new clients or a work project could also come your way.
There is some good news for you Libra after the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th of August. Something is hidden but it will be positive for you. It may be something like people talking behind your back who then decide that you are the best person for a job or acclaimed new role. There is a lot of potential related to your home now and your hometown, so this could be that you buy a new house or get a new working from home. Collaborations are favored and it is about balancing the scales in a relationship. But if you can do that, there is nothing stopping you from being very successful into October 2017. So, do a little work and see where it takes you. This could mean looking for partners to collaborate with on a project, or finding a partner who could become part of your home life. You may have felt stuck for the first part of the year, but August is the gateway to love (if you want it) or to a new career and new opportunities.
There is a story about your partner in the mix now but this could be a partner on different levels. Something is being covered up that you can’t see, but once you have clarity after the Eclipse on 21st August, you will know where you stand. You will have some decisions to make in the future and it may be that August feels like a make-or-break month with someone close to you. If possible, don’t say anything that you will regret and keep a clear head. There is also an emphasis on the things you do behind the scenes and this is a good month to work hard and focus on yourself. The drama that may come from other people may be draining so take as much time for yourself as you need in August. There is also good luck coming your way at the time of the Solar Eclipse on 21st August and this could thrust you into the spotlight where you will finally get some of the recognition you deserve for all your hard work at the beginning of the month. Saturn is also in the mix and this brings with it long term financial security, so look out for money coming your way now.
Sagittarius is going to be more affected by the astrological weather in August than many other signs. This is not a bad thing! But there will be surprises for you and you need to learn to roll with the punches. You will see eclipses in your world of publishing, education and religion and you will not be able to see the full picture in these areas. This could also relate to other nationalities and you may meet someone from a different country who goes on to be significant in your life. But, it will not always be easy to see where this is going, so hold off making any big decisions. The astrological Wheel of Fortune will keep changing so you will need to stay flexible. There are some very good things coming your way in August, you just need to figure out how to juggle everything. There is also some astrological luck on the way from Jupiter and something you have been hoping for may now come true. Sagittarius is known for being a skeptical sign, but now is a moment to have faith as your astrological luck is strong.
Travel will be at the forefront of your mind this month or you may feel an intense need to get away from the old ways of doing things. Maybe you want to escape to another country and take some much needed time off? Actually the worst thing to do now would be to go off on holiday and take your foot off the gas. There is lots of potential in your chart now that relates to travel and dealing with people from other countries but it is all linked to media and the internet. It might be about how you connect with someone over Skype or it might relate to using Twitter to promote yourself or your business abroad. You can make a lot of headway here but don’t get distracted. Work hard and stay grounded. This also links to Jupiter in your chart and I can see that your hard work will pay off very well financially for you if you make the effort in August. You will be well rewarded for work that you so absolutely don’t lose focus this month.
This is going to be an important month when it comes to money, Aquarius, and you may find that you get a big break. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win the lottery but it may mean that you realize how you can change your spending habits so that they work for you in the future. There are some very exciting changes coming up for you later in the year, but you need to get on a secure footing now so that you can make the most of them. I get the feeling that you will see some money coming in during the month of August, but just make sure that it doesn’t also immediately flow out again. This really is a month to make good solid financial plans and you have celestial luck shining down on you as you work though things like insurance policies, mortgages, or savings plans. The eclipses in this month are in your home sign and also your opposite sign of Leo, so you will feel their full force. I can see however that any changes they bring are going to overwhelmingly positive for you and this is the start of something new, but also very beneficial to you. A big change like a baby or a new job can happen now and it will change your life for the better.
This month is one of the most important of the year for you Pisces. Are you interested? If you sit back and relax then nothing will happen, but if you want a re-launch or a re-brand then now is the time and it will be very successful for you. The biggest problem for a Pisces is that you are a dreamer. This is fine and it’s the reason that people love you but you also need to push to make your dreams come true. This could relate to further study, or to a new job on the horizon, but if you don’t actively walk towards it, then it will not just come to you. Think of this as a time when anything you work on will grow spectacularly, but if you don’t plant the seeds then nothing is going to happen. Dream big – your dreams can come true in August, Pisces. Expect to feel extra creative around the times of the eclipse and any ideas now could be the ones that change your live moving into 2018.

You may have been struggling with money matters for most of 2017, Aries, and now everything will come to a head. This is about fairness and what you deserve, so you could see money coming in or a new way for it to be carved up. This could be linked to a partnership breaking up (romantic or business oriented) and how money is going to be distributed in that case. Jupiter is in Libra and is hopping all over your chart, which will bring healing and a sense of harmony. If you have been feeling disoriented and unsure for a while now (I think you have, Aries), then August will help you sort through some of the chaos. This is also about what is fair when it comes to money and how you live your life, so if you have felt that someone wasn’t pulling their weight financially, then you will see some changes this month. Put a circle around the 7th of August and the Lunar Eclipse Aries as this is a great time for love in your life and sweet partnerships. If you can, try and get out and about on this day as you never know who you might meet.

I know Taurus has had a rough time over the past few years but help is on the way in August. Jupiter is in Libra and is bringing changes related to healing. If things have felt tough, then August will be the month when you really confront any demons and let the past go. There is also a sense of change relating to ambition. For some time now you have probably been pushing to make changes such as a different career and you may have felt stuck as the astrological wheels turned. Now it is about clearing through what is working and what isn’t and looking to the future. There will be some bumps in August but trust in the process. Ultimately when it comes to career this is a very lucky but also busy month. Money is coming your way but you also need to work for it.

Mercury is retrograde in August and Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. So it is a little tricky. I feel like people freak out completely when Mercury goes retrograde though and there is no reason to worry. Things may feel a little stuck for you with your ruler taking a nap, but that is fine. Use this time and read the clues that come your way. An example of this may be that you are about to buy a house, but then suddenly the owner starts being difficult. This is a wake-up call that it may not be the best deal on the table but at the time it may feel like one delay after another. The delays are the universe’s way of helping you slow down and make good decisions however, and you will have a big breakthrough in August when you realize what you need to do and where you need to go next in life. It is an exciting month for you Gemini!

August goes up and down for you Cancer. This may not be what you want to hear but it means that when it is good, it will be very good. This month will focus on publishing related to electronics, so it could mean success will come from a blog you may have or an eBook in the works. If you worked on something previously and then let it slide, you may see it coming back now demanding your attention. This is good and it will bring with it success, if you can find a way to get back to it again. There are also strong links to travel and academia now so you might find a renewed interest in study. The month will be a mixed bag though, and you will feel yourself going up and down emotionally, especially as you are ruled by the Moon which is affected by the Eclipse on the 7th of August. There is nothing to fear however and everything that happens is showing you the way to take back control of your life.
And finally…

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