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July 26, 2014

Gaza: Unfolding the Nightmare

This video provides a simple and easy to understand tool to help better understand the world's longest standing conflicts of Israeli-Palestinian.

by Magdalene

It’s been one hell of a month. We have witnessed two commercial planes that crashed down in Ukraine and Algeria to the nightmare unfolding in Gaza.
In the wake of Israeli airstrikes and now a ground invasion, more than 800 Palestinians, overwhelmingly civilians and a third of whom children, have been killed. It’s been nearly three weeks of relentless assault and if it doesn’t stop, the number will rise.
At least 29 of the UN Human Rights Council's 47 members voted in favor of setting up a commission of inquiry to look at possible war crimes committed by Israel. The United States voted against the resolution, while 17 states abstained, 10 of them European.
Navi Pillay, the United Nations Human Rights Chief said, “Respect for the right to life of civilians, including children, should be foremost consideration. Not abiding by these principles may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. “
Based on past experiences, we all wonder would justice be served? As a blunt reminder: action speaks louder than words.

This video, created by www.jewishvoiceoforpeace.org/101, illustrates the background of one of the world’s longest standing conflicts of Israeli-Palestinian. It’s a simple, easy to understand tool to help better understand the issue, the endless fighting and what we can do.
“There’s another superpower that can make the difference, you. There’s a movement of hundreds of thousands of people across the world, including Palestinians, Israelis, protesting, educating, divesting and boycotting. All to bring non-violent, international pressure on Israel to stop violating human rights of Palestinians.  Throughout history, where governments have failed to push for justice, people just like you, like us, had taken the lead and won,” the video stated.