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February 28, 2014

Getting Informed for the Election

Let's get informed before we head to the voting booth next year, shall we? Start with at least these three websites.

by Magdalene

Not voting this year? Think again. You’re not doing your beloved Indonesia a favor by not voting. But what if you haven’t been following the political campaigns? That’s where the Internet can help you.
First, there is the General Elections Commission (KPU) website. It’s not very easy to navigate, with too many texts and information, but at least there are lists of candidates to help you pick one that fits.
And then there’s Wikikandidat. An initiative of computer science graduate of University of Indonesia Rizky Syaiful, with the help of political science student in the same university Aditiyo Haryadi, this website aims to make information on all candidates of the legislative, the presidential and provincial and district head elections available to public.
Inspired by Wikipedia model, the website is open for people to contribute information, which will be verified before publication. Would-be voters can check on candidates’ education, professional and political backgrounds, and leave comments or information on the entries. It is still in the process of collecting data, so be patient and keep checking in. In fact, help them gather information by contributing to the website.
Youtube also has some information on the elections and the legislative process. So, be proactive and start looking for the information now.