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November 04, 2016

Group Helps Women Go Through Unplanned Pregnancy

An organization offers help and counseling to women and couples in Indonesia going through unplanned pregnancy.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari

An organization offers help and counseling for women and couples in Indonesia who are going through unplanned pregnancy.
Samsara was established in 2008 by activist Inna Hudaya, entrepreneur Kikie Nikujuluw and former journalist Grace Clarissa Susetyo to accommodate the lack of access to health reproduction and body rights education. It focuses on the importance of promoting body autonomy and on raising awareness on safe abortion practice. They believe that women should have the rights to make their very own decisions over their bodies, and that stigmatizing or criminalizing abortion will neither solve unplanned pregnancy problems, nor reduce abortion in the country.
Working under the supervision of Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP) and International Consortium for Medical Abortion (ICMA), Samsara focuses on destigmatizing abortion. They believe that legalizing abortion is a strategic move to save women’s lives from maternal deaths and complications of unsafe abortion.
In its official website the group says, “Abortion number in countries that legalize abortion is relatively lower than those which criminalize it. Because those with a more positive attitude towards abortion tend to advocate better on sex education programs and health reproduction service that will effectively reduce unplanned pregnancies.”
Women and couples from anywhere can access Samsara’s hotline service via email or phone calls, and they will be provided with some counseling regarding useful information on unplanned pregnancy and body autonomy education. Samsara introduces three possible solutions to unplanned pregnancy, including becoming parents, preparing for adoption, or initiating safe abortion. To help with the decision making, they help each woman makes her own personal choice and consideration based on her capacity and capability.

Other than abortion, Samsara also prioritizes proper education on sexuality. The organization gives workshops in school and communities to help people understand their bodies and rights that are related to many aspects such as social, cultural, biology, economy and more.
Visit Samsara’s official website and follow their twitter handle. Contact Samsara’s hotline service at 081327171188 or 085729001188, available from 10 am to 6 pm.
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