Women Lead Pendidikan Seks
July 16, 2019

AMP proudly presents: Mixed Feelings 04 - KINTSUGI

KINTSUGI talks about second chances and the beauty of reparation as something to be celebrated instead of being disguised.

by Magdalene

Mixed Feelings 04 - KINTSUGI will hold an illustration exhibition on July 17th 2019 at Tugu Kunstkring Paleis - Menteng. As the fifth generation of Atreyu Moniaga Project annual illustration incubation program, they will be talking about second chances and the beauty of reparation as something to be celebrated instead of being disguised.

This illustration exhibition showcases the works of four women artists, Jessie Tjoe, Sol Cai, Dinan Hadyan, and Elle Dhita.

Jessie Tjoe expresses her hidden emotions and wounds, through the designs of her monsters. Using gouache on coffee stained papers, she exorcises the monsters within her onto 10 medieval themed illustrations.

Sol Cai confides about her innermost self as an artist with bipolar, where pain and beauty, sadness and joy, all rolled into one. Her ten paintings illustrate a bipolar girl’s struggle from before she was diagnosed with bipolar, through her journey of self-acceptance.

Elle Dhita tells the story of her bittersweet experience studying abroad, under the wings of her guardian angels. Those guardian angels can be new friends she met, or unknown strangers, whom has helped her in her journey. As a tribute to them, Elle Dhita paints them as whimsical creatures in watercolor.

Dinan Hadyan shares her exploration of the perfect and the imperfect.

When all pretenses are stripped bare, and what’s left behind is nothing but honesty. She uses layers of transparent papers, not to conceal, but to showcase that wounds and bruises are painful; and her works deliver them as they are.

Having experienced plenty of turmoil and hardships in life, these four artists are committed to give back to the less fortunate. They decided to donate part of their merchandise and artwork sales to YKAKI (Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia). Keep in mind that not only these young warriors who have to fight against cancer, their parents also have to face the heart rending pain of knowing that their sweethearts’ lives are hanging on the balance.

Through this exhibition, Jessie, Sol, Elle, and Dinan also wish to have their personal voices heard; because the works they created in this Mixed Feelings 04 - KINTSUGI are the works that challenge their insecurities, the works that really speak to the core of their hearts, the works that speak their truth, the works they were afraid to make because they remind them how it hurts, and the work that they never thought they would ever do for various reasons.

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