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November 18, 2016

Website Encourages Disabled Women to Reclaim Their Sexual Rights

A website encourages differently abled women to reclaim their sexual rights.

by Ayunda Nurvitasari

A website encourages women with disabilities to reclaim their sexual rights. Sexuality and Disability was created based on a concern that disabled people don’t get equal chance to talk about their personal experience for they are rarely thought of as sexual beings. It provides a safe space for the group to speak out freely about their bodies, their sexuality and intimate relationships.
Sexuality and Disability is initiated by a Mumbai-based nonprofit platfrom, Point of View, which focuses on women’s perspective on media and culture, and feminist human rights organization CREA, which promotes and protects sexual rights of all people and is based in New York and New Delhi.
Insightful entries on the website enable us to look into the perspectives of women with disabilities. Among the blog entries were bold personal narratives such as a young woman’s reflection on life after being disabled for 10 years, a man's thoughts and experience on dating a wheelchair-bound woman, and an actress’ chronicle on being a disabled. One entry provides an overview on how to recognize and respect the rights of people with disabilities as sexual citizens, which includes;

  • Enable them to deal with love, sex and relationship without fear, guilt or shame
  • Treat them in an age-appropriate way, regardless of physical and mental capacity
  • Ensure they are not vulnerable to risk or harm
  • Uphold their privacy, dignity and confidentiality
  • Help them talk to professionals without being judged
  • Encourage them to discuss their sexuality
  • Place their individual needs at the centre of care and support 

Besides debunking the myths and misconceptions about disabled women and their sexuality, the website also highlights the problems of violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assaults, domestic violence, child abuse and institutional violence.
This group helps Indonesian women go through unplanned pregnancy. 

Ayunda is interested in the intersection of pop culture, media, and gender issues. She earned her master's degree at Cultural Studies department, University of Indonesia. She is into Lana Del Rey, speculative fiction, and BoJack Horseman. Her own social media sites, however, are quite uneventful, but feel free to say hi: facebooktwitter.