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June 02, 2016

A Celebration of Menarche

For generations we've been told that what makes us female is our enemy, but it's time we celebrate the coming of menstruation.

by Kenya

…of body transform to different form, I sing – Ovid
Being a girl, and later a woman, requires a lot of strength and knowledge. For teenagers, the issue of menstruation becomes a Greek gift. Our mothers might have told us that menstruation is a normal part of growing up and nothing to worry about, but, what does it feel like, really? Is it like peeing on yourself? And what will you do to mark that important moment?
As a sign of maturity for women, the coming of menstruation is not like a walk in the park. Menarche is the first menstrual period; the establishment of menstruation. It comes in a package along with a bunch of dos, don’ts, taboos and responsibility. We bleed, we accept it, but can we just celebrate it?
I repeat, being a girl, and later a woman, requires a lot of strength and knowledge. We all know that girls aren’t made of sugar, spice and everything nice. We are all made of experience that toughens us all day by day, that makes us who we are today. And it got me thinking of the importance of celebrating menstruation for us girls in order to embrace the future as women. 
For generations we’ve been told that what makes us female becomes our enemy. Menstruation has been defined as something dirty and hideous. The fact is it is not hideous at all. It’s the literal change of our body. Even the late Ovid could articulate women’s inner voice in his poem. We change; we are in the state of becoming women. Our cells are maturing, our organs are improving – and I believe it is a good change.
Since sex is still considered a taboo for some people, we kids are forced to believe myths about menstruation. Menstruation can be scary if we don’t know what to expect and believe in those myths. Instead of making fun of menstruation and make it sounds worse; girls should be told the real function of their curvaceous body. Nothing to hide from, nothing to be ashamed of, this is the normal way of our body.
Women’s body is expanding and does miraculous things. Menstruation should be an exclamation of joy!
Every person’s cage is of a different sort, but menstruation shouldn’t cage you down. Girls should be told that menstruation isn’t something to bog them down. Menstruation is your friend; you should embrace your friend with heart.
Now I have a daughter. And later, when she got her menarche, I will make a little celebration to celebrate her body, and yes, be prepared, you might be invited!

Kenya is a skin junkie, momma journo, as well as a feminism and gentle-parenting enthusiast.