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August 24, 2018

Exhibition Showcases Artworks of Sexual Violence Survivors

Partnering with sexual violence survivors 16 artists, writers and performers showcased their works on what it means to speak up.

by Camely Artha
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An exhibition to showcase the artworks of sexual violence survivors is currently taking place at Cemara 6 Galeri, Menteng, Central Jakarta until September 2. The House of Unsilenced aims to bring together artists, writers, and sexual assault survivors to create works about survivors’ life and what it means to speak up. The exhibition was an initiative of InterSastra, supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Indonesian Arts Coalition, and Cemara 6 Galeri-Museum.
Partnering with sexual violence survivors, the 16 artists, writers and performers worked on various art media ranging from paintings, 3D collage, installations, drawings, knitting, decoupages, hand-made journal, to visual projection.
The exhibition features plenty of female artists and writers, including painter Dewi Candraningrum, award winning artist and New York based writer Molly Crabapple, art performer Ratu Saraswati, filmmaker Dyantini Adeline, lecturer and artist Salima Hakim, rapper Yacko, writer and novelist Eliza Fitri Handayani, dancer Ningrum Syaukat, journalist and visual artist Margaret Agusta and female collective artist Bisik-Bisik Kembang Goyang. It was curated by artist Ika Vantiani.
“This is our house. Here, we are accepted, trusted – our courage to share is valued. Here, we speak what we have to say. Here, we can freely create – not just arts, but also ourselves,” Eliza, who is the director and initiator of the House of Unsilenced, was a quoted on a large poster at the entrance of Cemara 6 Galeri-Museum.
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*Photos taken by Marsha Karina

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